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Back The Blue Rallies Signal The Silent Majority Is Finding Its Voice

back the blue rally for law enforcement

No longer can the silent majority let our voices be drowned out by the angry, left-wing mob. We must be brave enough to stand with the men and women of law enforcement.


The mainstream media would have you believe the entire country hates police officers. With all the focus devoted to Black Lives Matter protests and riots, so-called journalists continue to offer wall-to-wall coverage of the narratives and talking points of the Marxist group, which continues to falsely label all of law enforcement as “systemically racist.” Yet as they breathlessly broadcast on the subject, the media chooses to ignore the voices of those who refuse to bow to the mob to stand with their brothers and sisters in blue.

This past weekend, American and blue-lined flags waved in the Virginia skies, as thousands of citizens across the commonwealth turned out to show their appreciation for the men and women of law enforcement. Participants marched through the streets of Fredericksburg, Manassas, and Spotsylvania, with many dawning “Back the Blue” T-shirts and signs with slogans such as “No Police, No Peace” and “We Support Our Law Enforcement.”

With calls to “defund the police” growing among many left-wing activists, Back the Blue rallygoers decided to make their voices heard and show local police they’ve got their six. One rallygoer in Manassas explained the significance of pro-law enforcement marches, saying in an interview with that “supporters of the police can no longer let their voices get drowned out by people protesting against the police.”

Spotsylvania local Katie Rasmussen, whose husband is a police officer, said she felt compelled to organize her local rally following the lack of support for law enforcement she had witnessed in recent weeks. “We owe it to our men and women in blue to show them they are not alone, not everyone has abandoned them, and we believe in ‘defend not defund,’” she said in a recent interview. “Our country needs law and order to function, and we support those who keep it.”

Similar sentiments were echoed by Amy Sudbeck, a Fredericksburg native who organized her city’s rally. “They need to know that they have our support,” she said. “I’m a mother, and I have children. We live in a civilized society, and we need to keep it that way.” Sudbeck also said she felt obligated to plan the event because police officers have been “going through a rough time” since protests began following the death of George Floyd.

It breaks my heart to see the grotesque treatment our law enforcement officials receive on a regular basis. Every day officers choose to put on the badge, they willingly put their lives on the line for all Americans, regardless of our race or background. Every morning they walk out the door, millions of families across the country are left to worry if their loved one will be home for dinner that night. Without question, they are the bravest among us.

None of this seems to cross the minds of those who continue to degrade and demean the men and women in blue. To them, police are nothing more than authority figures with no emotions, families, or fears. By dehumanizing law enforcement, they’re not only putting those on the front lines in grave danger, but they’re also breaking down trust between police and those who live in dangerous communities and need law enforcement to protect them. If police cannot do their jobs, more innocent civilians will die.

What the country must understand is that rallies like those in Virginia are vital and necessary to show our men and women in uniform how much love and appreciation millions of Americans have for the unimaginable work they do. No longer can the silent majority let our voices be drowned out by an angry, left-wing mob devoid of basic facts and rationality. We the people must be brave enough to stand with the men and women of law enforcement and to stare down tyranny when it looks us in the eye. The future of America and civil society depends on it.