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‘Baby Lives Matter’ Onesie Featured On Trump Campaign Website Sparks Controversy

The onesie, which models itself after the “Black Lives Matter” logo, originally made its debut in January for the March for Life.


President Trump’s campaign merchandise website is offering baby apparel inscribed with “Baby Lives Matter” in the same script and style as the “Black Lives Matter” logo. The back of the onesie features the “Trump Pence 2020” campaign logo. 

The onesie, which made its debut in January during the March for Life where Trump made history as the first President to speak at the event, remained available for purchase to date, far after the original march ended. 

The $18 item, which is labeled as “limited edition,” is also labeled as a product “Proudly Made in USA.”

“Proudly show you’re investing in your baby’s future to Make America Great Again with this incredibly soft, boutique-style one-piece,” says the Trump Pence 2020 campaign website.

The continued sale of onesies received backlash from people on Twitter, with some calling for its removal citing outrage that the item was still for sale following George Floyd’s murder. 

According to CNN, however, “a campaign spokesperson declined to comment on the sale of the onesies, but confirmed they were offered in conjunction with the March for Life.”