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Blaming White Supremacists For The Riots Is Nonsensical Gaslighting

The latest lie from the mainstream media is its most absurd yet.


I can’t believe they even tried it. On Saturday morning Minnesota officials came out with an audacious and absurd explanation for the looting and arson that struck Minneapolis this week. Apparently it was white supremacists from out of state who pretended to be actual protestors in an attempt to discredit the protest. The evidence? A vague claim and a lie. It turns out that most of those arrested were actually Minnesota residents.

The hypocritical mental gymnastics from the liberal media in the past 72 hours were amazing enough to earn a perfect 10 from the stingiest East German judge. First, we watched tens of thousands of people hold mass gatherings across the country, which just last week we were told would kill everyone, and the media suddenly didn’t care. It’s like the Chinese virus just went away by magic.

Next we were informed that the looting and arson we witnessed from the protesters was simply the language of the oppressed and how could we even comment about it when another black man was killed by the police. Celebrities posted bail for the heroes of Minneapolis. And yes, the brutal killing of George Floyd is an occasion for outrage.

Now, and this is subject to change by the time this paragraph is over, these horrible acts of looting and arson were mainly done by Right-wing white supremacist interlopers. That’s right. Some shadowy organization of neo-Nazis apparently sent false flag psyop operations all over the country to foment a race war. Or something.

The good news for the racists is that famous Hollywood celebrities bailed them out of jail apparently. It is absolutely the most wrongheaded, astounding, ridiculous lie the media has latched onto during the Trump administration. And that’s a hell of a competitive category.

The tweets from pundits at CNN, MSNBC, and The Washington Post came flooding in. Why hadn’t Attorney General William Barr mentioned the white supremacists they insist are the real people to blame here? He didn’t do it because it’s a flaming garbage pile of lies. President Trump made clear exactly who the outside agitators are. It’s Antifa. It’s obviously Antifa, it has been Antifa for over two decades.

So why would Democrats and their lackeys in the big time press not want to say it’s Antifa? Because for years they have insisted that Antifa is a basically harmless group that conservatives have turned into a boogeyman. Remember when Chris Cuomo compared them to Allied forces storming Normandy?

No. Some other narrative had to be established. Somehow, some way, this had to be the fault of racist Trump supporters, because everything is the fault of racist Trump supporters. But how? Easy. Just lie about most of the people arrested being from out of state and claim some had ties to white supremacist groups. Is it an obvious lie that a three-year-old could see through? Yeah.

But maybe, just maybe if enough chattering nincompoops parrot the absurd claim in their Trump obsessed outlets that once were the home of competent journalists, the lie might stick. No. There are limits. Laying the destruction and crime, justified or not, that have been associated these protests on the feet of some KKK conspiracy is so outlandishly absurd that it will not, cannot, stand.

If white supremacists, not progressive rioters were responsible for the chaos on the last few days in America and around the country, let’s see the evidence now. All of it. It’s a huge claim, that doesn’t just strain credulity, it frappes it. It is very hard to believe that those in the news media who stood up this nonsense were not aware that at best they were wildly exaggerating the role these mysterious Nazis were playing.

The blatant lying by news outlets is getting dangerous. During the coronavirus it helped spur panic that devastated countless lives. Now that they have decided the lockdown is over and massive gatherings are all of a sudden fine. They are pretending that black people looting flat screens on video have no agency, and white supremacists made them do it. It has to stop.

I call on every journalist who amplified this insanity to put up or shut up. Prove that most of the criminal actions were committed by white supremacists. For once hold yourself accountable to the people you claim to serve with your work. And do it now.