Let’s Settle The LeBron James Versus Michael Jordan Debate

Let’s Settle The LeBron James Versus Michael Jordan Debate


As the mini-series “The Last Dance” comes to an end, Federalist Political Editor John Davidson and NYC Correspondent David Marcus join Ben Domenech to debate who the greatest basketball player of all time is: LeBron James or Michael Jordan?

Marcus argues that James is the greatest player of all time based on a simple metric; if you could choose any player to start an NBA team with today, who would you pick?

“But when we apply the simplest, most accurate, and most traditional metric to these two giants of the game, it is James who comes up on top,” Marcus wrote. “Statistically it’s a bit of a toss up, as Jordan scored slightly more, while Bron has racked up slightly more boards and assists. But they did so playing very different versions of the game of basketball.”

Davidson argues there is no doubt Jordan is the greatest player of all time and by far the most dedicated.

“Through extensive interviews with Jordan, previously unseen footage of the Bulls during their final championship season of 1997-98, and a sweeping historical narrative that covers Jordan’s early life through most of his professional career, a portrait emerges of an athlete with an almost pathological drive to dominate his sport, perform at the very highest level, and achieve greatness,” Davidson wrote. “This Jordan did, without question. His championships, awards, and career stats speak for themselves: Jordan is the greatest.”

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