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George Washington University Student President Decries White Leadership Of Liberal Groups

George Washington University’s student president endorsed a letter Thursday condemning liberal student groups on campus for being too white.


The George Washington University (GWU) student body president condemned white leadership of liberal groups on campus Thursday, endorsing a pro-Palestinian group’s demands to prioritize students of color in pursuing such roles.

In other words, woke groups on campus aren’t woke enough for the wokest of the woke.

The school’s “Students Against Imperialism” unveiled a letter Thursday airing grievances that too many white students serve at the helm of the university’s left-wing organizations on campus.

“As students of color within the GW Left, we have felt consistently excluded from several organizing spaces and actions,” the group wrote. “If has unfortunately become a norm to have white students put themselves at the forefront of student organizations deriving from political issues that impact Black and Brown people the most.”

Specifically, the group is asking all left-leaning organizations to “prioritize people of color in these organizations through leadership positions and visibility on projects,” demanding each to “respond with a statement outlining the steps they will be taking.”

The pro-Palestinian group’s appeal for affirmative action drew the support of the university’s student body president, declaring support for the measures in a Facebook post, while criticizing university liberals for being too white.

“GW has a passionate and active community of leftists that is too often dominated by white students,” wrote Howard Brookins III. “When deciding which struggles to emphasize, often the ones that focus the most on the experiences of people of color are excluded. I stand with the students and their demands made by the GW Left Coalition and call on the GW community to do better.”

With too many white people serving in leadership roles with left-wing oranizations on campus, the “Students Against Imperialism” charge the school’s liberal activist groups of being rivals in their pro-Palestinian efforts. Liberal groups on campus, the students wrote, are tolerating “blatant apartheid apologism and therefore cannot be considered allies in the struggle for Palestinian rights.”

“Zionism is racism, point-blank, period.”