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Pro-Life Activist David Daleiden Goes On The Offensive, Sues Planned Parenthood Doctor

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David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress are suing a Planned Parenthood abortionist who called their undercover videos “spliced and diced.”


The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has filed a defamation lawsuit against a former Planned Parenthood abortionist and medical director for false and defamatory claims about the group’s undercover videos.

In a video CMP published in 2015, Dr. Savita Ginde is shown discussing the benefits of selling aborted baby parts per organ compared to a flat rate per aborted baby.

“I think a per-item thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it,” Ginde says in the video. She then describes the delivery of intact babies: “If someone delivers before we are able to see them for a procedure, then we are intact,” and, “Intact is probably less than 10 percent.”

After leaving Planned Parenthood in 2017, Ginde publicly claimed the footage of her conversation with David Daleiden was completely fabricated. In a Ted Talk presentation in which Ginde claims she is both pro-life and pro-choice, Ginde says the CMP videos are “dubbed,” “spliced and diced,” and “fake.” She also wrote a memoir in which she writes that the words in the footage are false and manipulated to “make it look like I did something that I have actually never done and said things I actually never said.”

The veracity of CMP’s videos has been confirmed now by both the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and by Planned Parenthood officials themselves in last month’s federal trial against David Daleiden and his CMP colleagues. On the witness stand, Planned Parenthood confirmed, “The words used by [Planned Parenthood’s] personnel and the [CMP investigators] in the video recorded by the [investigators] were spoken by those persons.”

In a statement, Daleiden said abortion providers speaking honestly and publicly about their work is the reason CMP’s undercover videos have impacted the public conscience, “but anyone who tries to attack our undercover reporting by making false statements about our work should expect to make a public correction or be held accountable in a court of law.”

When I spoke to Daleiden in September before the federal trial, he said if he could go back before he began his investigation into Planned Parenthood and do something different, it would be to sue Planned Parenthood first.

“They say the best defense is a good offense, and I think that clearly has been Planned Parenthood’s strategy for the past four years,” he said. “Ever since the videos exposed them for trafficking the body parts of aborted children for profit, they’ve been on the defense ever since, so they’ve just been trying to compensate for that by shooting the messenger.”

After a nearly two-month-long jury trial ended in November, finding Daleiden and his team members guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud, breach of contract, and trespass, in violation of state and federal recording laws, it seems Daleiden is now going on the offensive.