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Abortion Supporters Wish Rape On Pro-Lifers, Cut Out Beating Hearts, Practice On Papayas


This article contains gruesome details about abortion procedures.

The abortion industry and its defenders are in total freak-out mode, losing whatever wits they appeared to have in the process. That’s not a judgment. It’s a demonstrable fact. It’s almost as if every move they make in the public square these days is a tragic bumble, merely revealing how flat-out extreme they truly are.

The evidence is in ample supply. There’s this new video of an abortion supporter telling a pro-lifer she hopes “someone holds you down and rapes you.”

There are the revelations in recent California court hearings, of sworn testimony from abortion industry employees that they deliver babies live in order to cut out their beating hearts for “scientific research.” And then a dramatic article appeared recently at with this actual title: “I Learned How to Do an Abortion on a Papaya.” It poses as a serious essay.

Zoey Thill, a New York City abortionist, holds regular classes for anyone who wants to play at sucking a growing child, limb from limb, out of a warm, safe, nurturing womb. She does so with a papaya. It’s presented as a super casual, fun way to spend an evening with like-minded friends. The author of the story learned about it on Facebook.

‘We’re Not Going to Shame Perforators’

Thill explains the papaya is the perfect teaching tool, as it mimics a cervix and uterus because of its shape, and it doesn’t matter if you puncture the wall of a piece of fruit like abortions can do to a uterus. “We’re not going to shame perforators,” she reassures her newbies.

Thill demonstrates to students the abortion technique and excitedly points out the black seeds moving through the suction tube. She exults, apparently in the best clinical language she can muster, “This is a really f-cking good one.” Remember, she’s a professional abortionist.

The attendees then get to insert their own plastic tubes into a papaya and attach them to an actual suction machine. They find it all pretty easy. “Next to me,” the author recounts, “others were doing the same, rejoicing with every successful extraction. ‘Yes!’ they exclaimed each time.”

Is it common practice to high-five a successful abortion? Apparently. Thill, who was 38 weeks pregnant on this evening, assured the class, “It’s even more satisfying when it’s a real abortion.” Yes, she used the words “more satisfying” in direct reference to a successful abortion. There’s more. Thill hopes “participants might capture some of the buoyant energy they felt while extracting seeds.”

Who says such things? Abortionists and their activist defenders, and they do so without an ounce of shame. Do they not appreciate how drastically out of step this puts them with regular folk? That’s a rhetorical question.

We Know It’s Murder, and We Don’t Care

The article goes on to speak of a new development among abortion activists. They are growing terribly impatient with their own leaders using any language that appears to soften the reality of what abortion is. One attendee remarked, “[I] believe in an unapologetic abortion rights movement. ”

They complain that too many in their movement have actually acquiesced to the pro-life movement in seeing abortion as unfortunate. They cite President Bill Clinton’s “safe, legal, and rare” mantra as the most egregious and damaging example. They want people to know exactly what abortion does and celebrate it.

Another equally stunning article laments “the most ardent feminist activists might find themselves inadvertently apologizing for abortion even as they fight for the universal right to access it.” Abortion activists are now opposing the euphemistic term “pro-choice” as an antiquated PR construct to gloss over what abortion really is. Toni Van Pelt, the president of the abortion activist National Organization for Women, explains that the movement is choosing to use the term “pro-abortion” instead, “because there’s nothing wrong with abortion and there’s nothing wrong with using the term ‘abortion.’ It shouldn’t be stigmatized.”

In fact, this is exactly why Planned Parenthood recently unceremoniously fired its relatively new president, Leana Wen. She was working to downplay the organization’s standing as the largest single abortion provider. Why accentuate the negative, right? Wen’s cautious approach was the exact opposite of the new and unapologetically celebratory #ShoutYourAbortion and #SayAbortion campaigns. So she’s now looking for work.

Putting Babies in the Trash After Harvesting Their Limbs

While Planned Parenthood tries to downplay their abortion activity on one hand, falsely claiming it’s a minuscule fraction of what they do, on the other they are also extremely proud of what they do to babies. Millions of tiny humans enter through the front door of a Planned Parenthood clinic warm and secure in their mother’s wombs with a beating heart and a growing body. They leave out the back door as trash, alone and in parts. It’s impossible to make that look virtuous, but these folks try their best.

As the abortion industrial complex grows bolder in telling us what it’s actually about, it is time for all decent people of conscience to join them. Stop glossing over what abortion actually is. Cease being reticent about explaining its reality. It’s time for gentle boldness, to call out what these people do (and literally exult in) for the dark atrocity it is.

It might seem unsettling, but truth often is. Its tellers should not feel shame for revealing it. That belongs to the perpetrators. It comes down to this: Abortion is pure evil. It has its roots in that which is evil, and its fruit is evil. Celebrating it is evil. (Women who are made to believe it’s their only option are certainly abortion’s second victim.)

The evilness of the procedure is obvious to anyone who looks at the actual, physical result of an abortion, even as early as eight weeks of gestation (graphic warning). Abortion speaks for itself. No, that’s not right. It screams, and what it says is vile.

This Is Undisputable If You Consider the Facts

Let’s just think about the basic aspects and consequences of the thing.

Abortion is designed and performed for the sole purpose of ending a human life because at least one person sees that life as problematic. Often, this is not the mother, but others around her, applying emotional pressure for her to destroy her own child.

The dead, and clearly human, child is thrown out with today’s trash as if he were so many used coffee grounds.

The mother is given the false hope that this will be good for her and that the act itself is righteous.

Abortion turns the natural maternal instinct on its head. The most important, complex, and powerful life-giving protector in all of nature, the human mother, is persuaded to become the exact opposite of what she so deeply is. That is anti-woman if anything is.

The mother is given the false hope that this will be good for her and that the act itself is righteous.

Doctors who are trained to heal, save life, and take a solemn and sacred oath to do no harm become those who intentionally destroy life as a regular part of their practice. They are shamelessly celebrated as brave, moral leaders by our cultural elites.

A government, tasked with protecting and enhancing the life of every citizen, instead becomes the defender, funder, and facilitator of those who kill millions upon millions of tomorrow’s educators, caregivers, inventors, business owners, job providers, public servants, military members, philanthropists, and political leaders, not to mention its essential taxpayers. Such a government is killing its own future.

Anyone offended by abortion is harshly denounced as the enemy of women and their health. This breaks down quickly because women oppose abortion at about the same rate as men do, if not more. Thus, abortion activists charge that billions of pro-life women are the enemies of women’s health. That’s quite patriarchal.

Death Isn’t Something to Celebrate

A good and moral society does not celebrate death. A good and moral society does not celebrate those who do. It does not assume a baby is a problem to be destroyed. It does not tell women in crisis that their only solution lies in betraying their own natures and ending the glorious, miraculous life that grows right below her heart.

Abortion is unnatural, dramatically so. It is anti-human. It does not enhance or enrich our collective humanity.

It comes to her aid, giving her hope and everyday, practical help, before, at, and after the birth of her child. That’s what the pro-life movement does. It doesn’t give her a cold, sterile procedure for a fee and wish her well. That’s what abortionists do. Which is truly more pro-woman?

Abortion is unnatural, dramatically so. It is anti-human. It does not enhance or enrich our collective humanity. It is vile and it is evil. It springs from and reveals our worst natures. No amount of anger, violence, name-calling, knitted “genitalia” caps and profanity screamed from bullhorns during so-called women’s marches can justify it. It’s a fool’s errand to make what is inherently wicked seem moral. It’s a soulless people who try.

At this moment of anxious freak-out from the pro-abortion ranks, it’s time a good and moral people call abortion precisely what it is and do so without shyness or apology. There is no need to be dramatic. There is no need to crank up the volume. There is no need for theatrics.

There is only the need to speak truthfully about what abortion does to the child, the woman, her family, and the nation. Abortion condemns itself. Its advocates, in their frantic madness, seem set on helping it do so. We should certainly join them. It’s the right thing to do.