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Poll: 60 Percent Of Democrats Say ‘Free Health Care For Illegal Immigrants’ Is Good Idea

The latest Marist/NPR poll found that 60 percent of Democrats polled believe U.S. taxpayers should pay for health care for anyone in the world who can get into the United States.


The latest Marist/NPR poll finds 60 percent of Democrats polled believe “free healthcare for illegal immigrants” is a good idea.

Those polled were put into eight groups based on their self-chosen political identities, and the results came in as follows. When asked if taxpayer-paid health care for illegally present foreign citizens is a good or bad idea, here’s how those polled responded:

  • Registered Voters: 32 percent good/62 percent bad
  • Democrats: 60 percent good/32 percent bad
  • Republicans: 6 percent good/93 percent bad
  • Independents: 27 percent good/67 percent bad
  • Moderate Democrats: 43 percent good/47 percent bad
  • Whites: 28 percent good/68 percent bad
  • Non-whites: 43 percent good/51 percent bad
  • Millennials & Gen-Z: 45 percent good/51 percent bad

One of the important sub-groups to highlight is the group that identifies as “moderate Democrats.” Forty-three percent of the “moderates” believe that U.S. taxpayers should pay for health care for illegally present foreign citizens.

That is not a moderate policy in the slightest. In fact, that is a farther-left policy than so-called “Medicare for All,” which is essentially socialized medicine. U.S. taxpayers paying for health care for illegal immigrants takes Medicare for all American citizens to Medicare for anyone who wants it.

There’s no way Americans can pay for a Medicare For All system in and of itself. The economics are impossible just for nationalizing health care, not to mention trying to pay for atop the nation’s $22 trillion in existing federal debt, $122 trillion in existing unfunded liabilities (money national politicians promised to pay, largely for existing recipients of Social Security and Medicare, but have zero dollars reserved to pay), $3 trillion in state and local government debt, and $5.2 trillion in state and local unfunded government pension liabilities. The national debt alone, for past taxpayer spending and no new benefits, currently works out to more than $68,000 per U.S. citizen — even the babies! — and counting.

How in the world would U.S. taxpayers be able to pay for a Medicare for Anyone in the World system? Simple: we can’t.

Voters were also asked if replacing private health insurance with Medicare for All was a good or bad idea. They responded:

  • Registered Voters: 40 percent good/55 percent bad
  • Democrats: 64 percent good/31 percent bad
  • Republicans: 14 percent good/83 percent bad
  • Independents: 39 percent good/55 percent bad
  • Whites: 38 percent good/56 percent bad
  • Non-whites: 46 percent good/49 percent bad
  • Gen-X: 35 percent good/61 percent bad

One group overwhelmingly agrees that Medicare for All socialized medicine should jettison the private health insurance plans that two-thirds of the nation enjoy: Democrats.

Many on the right have pointed out that the Democratic Party is becoming too far left. With promises like “Medicare for All,” bailing out college graduates, and massive economic engineering of the Green New Deal, the Democratic Party has become the party of socialism. Not only does it indicate the party really has shifted far-left, but that the Democratic base has shifted drastically to the left as well.

It’s no longer just Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez screaming for a socialist revolution, these are policies that people want and genuinely believe are a good idea.

In this exact same poll, Trump’s approval rating hit 44 percent, his highest ever in a Marist poll. From January, those who said they will be voting for Trump in 2020 have risen from 30 percent to 39 percent. Those who currently plan to vote against Trump in 2020 have fallen from 57 percent to 53 percent.

Conservative analysts have pointed out that socialist bailouts are economically impractical and that a radical movement of Democrats to the left would only help to get Trump re-elected. This poll reinforces that idea.