Jeffrey H. Anderson
Jeffrey H. Anderson

Jeffrey H. Anderson served as the director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics from 2017 to 2021, and is co-creator of the Anderson & Hester Rankings, part of college football’s Bowl Championship Series from 1998 to 2014.

Former Air Force Academy Professor: Stop Teaching Cadets Anti-American Racial Marxism

America’s military academies should not be teaching cadets to judge people by their skin color, to judge America’s history as evil, or to embrace poisonous academic fads.

How The Backlash Against Major League Baseball Could Help Save America

It seems to have taken the politicization of the National Pastime to make Americans fully aware of the politicization of the country—and to be moved to take a firm stand against it.

Toss Personality. Use These Three Things To Judge Trump Versus Hillary

Many view this presidential election as a personality contest‚ but it’s really about the Constitution.

Why Trump And Ryan Are Ideal Political Partners

On the major legislative issues of the day, GOP voters are between Donald Trump and Paul Ryan. A blend of the two men’s views would pretty closely reflect those of the Republican rank-and-file.

The Wall Street Journal’s Case For Kasich Makes No Sense

John Kasich’s presence in the Republican presidential race only serves to keep Donald Trump ahead.

To Stop Trump, The GOP Needs A Strong Cruz

It is by no means clear even that staunch Marco Rubio supporters should want Ted Cruz out of the 2016 presidential race.

Scott Walker Takes Dead Aim at Obamacare

Scott Walker is the first top-tier Republican presidential candidate to propose a concrete alternative to Obamacare.