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Hillary Clinton Aide Mocks Mitch McConnell For Childhood Polio Injury

Democratic strategist implies that Sen. Mitch McConnell’s politics make his physical disabilities fair game for mockery.


A former Hillary Clinton aide and Democratic strategist, Adam Parkhomenko, recently mocked Senate majority leader and polio survivor Mitch McConnell for a video in which he stumbles and falls while walking up a step. The polio disease paralyzed McConnell in his left leg as a child, so he spent his early years in physical therapy.

Even after Parkhomenko was criticized on Twitter for mocking the senator’s disabilities, he doubled down, implying that a person’s political ideologies make any physical handicaps fair game for mockery.

“Weird how we never hear about McConnell’s polio when he’s trying to take away people’s healthcare or looking the other way when Rand goes anti-vaxxer,” he said. “I will delete the tweet when Mitch stops trying to take away coverage from those with pre-existing conditions.”

McConnell has discussed his medical situation in past campaign ads: “When I was a child and my dad was in World War II, I got polio. I recovered, but my family almost went broke,” he said.

In 2017, when CNN reporter Daniella Diaz mocked Trump and McConnell as they held hands going up stairs at the White House, CNN reporter Manu Raju explained that polio has always made stairs difficult for the senator.

“McConnell often goes up a step at a time, sometimes needs railing for assistance. This time, used Trump for balance,” he wrote.

Congressional reporters from across mainstream media outlets have called for Parkhomenko to delete his tweet.