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No, Female ISIS Members Should Not Get Tickets Back To Civilization


Superficially, the father of the ISIS bride interviewed by the BBC might seem like any other father grieving for his daughter. In a typical softball BBC interview, breaking down in tears he said the British state should ensure that this woman safely comes back to British land.

Not only that, he said, the government shouldn’t prosecute or jail her, because she’s arguably a youthful teen who made a mistake, and everyone makes mistakes. The mask slipped momentarily when he was asked whether he ever took part in an Islamist demonstration against Americans and British. The answer is anybody’s guess.

Apparently, that might have pushed this girl to join the Islamic State, a murderous death cult raping, pillaging, and enslaving in a land that once stretched almost from Tehran to Tartous. This woman, who left her privileged London lifestyle with full knowledge of the people she was joining, in the age of internet and mass media where no stories of ISIS atrocities are censored, declared war on her own countrymen and is now sitting at a camp in the Middle East, demanding to come back. The word treason is thrown around a lot, but if there’s one example where it fits, it is declaring war against your own country.

This is by no means the only sympathetic portrayal of ISIS brides that has flooded Western media recently. These women left the West to marry and commit jihad, and not just in the United Kingdom (UK). CNN wrote a sympathetic portrayal of one British female ISIS supporter who is pregnant and wants to return to the country she spurned to give birth.

Canadian woman said she was clueless about the ISIS atrocities but has no regrets because, even though she wants to come home, she still believes in Sharia and wants it established. When asked about ISIS’s mass murder and enslavement of the Yazidis, she defiantly commented there might have been “a few” executions.

German woman was featured in a Guardian tearjerker, saying she “just wants to go home.” Another British woman misses “fish and chips” and free health care, a German now has two children of her own and worries about an “uncertain future,” and a Moroccan married to a British/Australian jihadist “bonded over television shows.”

CNN’s Gayle Lemmon argued in a dewy essay about an American ISIS widow that the “West should not take it out on children.” To top it all up, there’s news about U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar urging more leniency for those who voluntarily joined ISIS, because America should be “more compassionate.”

If I were to channel my sincerest feelings about this recent bout of sympathy for ISIS brides, it wouldn’t be in the queen’s English, nor would it be deemed publishable.

I predicted this would happen. In an essay a couple of years back, I wrote that we should imagine a girl, disillusioned with her life, goes to join a death cult. She knows full well the utmost debauchery and deviancy that is a part of not just that group’s lifestyle but its entire ideology, and decides to join it nevertheless.

Over the course of the next four years, she and her fellow female devotees to the cause would marry leaders of the cause, immerse themselves in its ideology, and engage in acts of depravity themselves. Some of them turned their own friends and families in for noncompliance, some fed their prisoners to guard dogs, and the most brutal of them all made a lampshade with the skin of babies. When Irma Grese and Maria Mandl were hanged for their crimes as Nazi guards, they didn’t show much emotion. In fact, Jenny-Wanda Barkmann, the notorious officer of a prison camp, declared, ‘Life is full of pleasures, but pleasures are usually short.’

Nazi mass murderers like Irma Grese didn’t have sympathetic op-eds written about them in newspapers and websites. It would have been repulsive then, and even when the actors are changed, it remains repulsive now.

In his seminal work “The Open Society and Its Enemies,” Karl Popper once wrote that “unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance.” Put simply, in a society that treats unlimited tolerance as a virtue, provides no punitive deterrence, and only attempts rehabilitation, intolerant forces will take advantage of the situation, and erode the society from within.

There’s a section of liberals and libertarians to whom social cohesion and community mean nothing. Individualism is the be-all and end-all to them, and tolerance for crimes and rehabilitation is considered a prime virtue of their liberal society. A typical difficulty for this worldview are the Islamists and Marxists within any Western society. One cannot co-exist with a bunch of people whose ultimate aim is to destroy your existence.

According to conservative intelligence estimates, there are currently around 60,000 Islamists in Europe, almost three World War II-era army divisions. Add those currently in Australia, America, and Canada, and the number increases even more.

Every man with half a brain can understand that none of these people would exist without some tacit understanding with family and friends, a support network. Consider the radicalized parents of the pregnant ISIS bride who wants to now come back to the UK. It is highly unlikely that her family, friends, local community center, mosque, or Islamic charity were not aware of something brewing with her before she left, and now as she seeks to return. These are open secrets and taboos that people are too polite or afraid to talk about.

Adding white wine instead of red to a Coq-au-Vin is a mistake. Swiping left instead of right in a dating app is a mistake. Joining a mass-murdering religious cult enslaving, raping, and conquering infidel land to spread Sharia, with full knowledge, record, news, and online evidence and without any intoxication, coercion, duress, or insanity is anything but.

No civilized society and social contract can survive unless violent crimes are punished with extreme prejudice, and human rights are protected, which includes punishing violations of them. In just one single village, 7,000 Yazidi women were enslaved and raped, and their menfolk and children killed. Only their bones remain. Anyone voluntarily joining a group that committed such ultraviolence in the name of religion breaks her bonds with civilized society and humanity itself. They cannot just waltz back, nor should they be allowed to.

It is abhorrent for their fellow citizens, who are decent and contributing to society; it is unjust to the Syrians and Kurds and Yazidis, upon whom the darkest crimes of humanity were unleashed and who rightfully seek justice and retribution; it is treasonous to the land beneath their feet; and it denigrates the minorities who are law-abiding, hardworking, and have made the West their home. Not everyone deserves another chance. Nor should they get one, if one intends to see Western civilization preserved. ​