Sumantra Maitra
Sumantra Maitra

Sumantra Maitra is a doctoral researcher at the University of Nottingham, UK, and a senior contributor to The Federalist. His research is in great power-politics and neorealism. He also writes for Quillette, Providence Magazine, Spectator US, The Telegraph, Claremont Review of Books, International Affairs, Washington Examiner, and other publications. You can find him on Twitter @MrMaitra.

India’s Amazing Vaccine Distribution Proves It’s An Excellent Partner To Balance China

Britain and India’s vaccine cooperation are part of the continuation of strengthening ties between America, Australia, Japan, India, and the United Kingdom.

The Global Consequences Of The Tech-Lash Will Be Severe

If tech feudal lords and oligarchs can decide which sovereign has a voice and platform, then sovereignty is meaningless. Europeans must take note.

A United Europe Aligning With China Would Be A Disaster For The United States

Under no scenario would a unified European Union aligned with China be in the interest of America. Indeed, a united EU might not be a friend but a foe.

Ring In Your Holidays By Buying All The Australian Wines The Chinese Won’t

Bullied by Communist China, Australia has called, and the world must answer — one bottle of delicious Australian wine at a time.

Why Samantha Power Would Be A Disastrous Biden Foreign Policy Pick

A role for Samantha Power in the upcoming Biden administration signals the return of the failed foreign policy agenda of Barack Obama.

Women Lose Identity Politics Battle Over Biden’s Pentagon Pick

For an era of Great Power competition, General Lloyd Austin is a baffling pick to be the next secretary of defense and has divided leftist identitarians.

Study: Female Academics Especially Fuel Charge To Turn Higher Ed Into Therapy

Academia accepts diversity as a concept, but as diversity of race and sex becomes institutionalized, ideological diversity has taken a backseat.

To Stop China’s Imperial Designs, Let It Bleed Itself Dry

The United States needs to get back to its realist roots and prudently let China overstretch and, if possible, engage in fruitless and attritional armed conflict.

Netflix’s ‘Barbarians’ Is A Sad Reflection Of Our Decaying Times

One can enjoy Netflix’s ‘Barbarians’ for its cinematic beauty — as long as one isn’t too nitpicky or a historian haunted by troubling parallels.

European Elites Are Excited About A Biden Presidency, But It Will Backfire

Leftist elites in Europe are tying their fate with Democrats, becoming a natural adversary of any future Republican administration. That is a long-term mistake.

President Trump’s Final 2020 Act Should Be Pulling U.S. Out From Endless Wars

A reprioritization of America’s strategic interests would cement the legacy of the first president in the era of great-power rivalry.

Two Takeaways From The Election, Regardless Of Who Wins

President Trump’s biggest legacy will be reshaping Republicanism back into its socially conservative, multiethnic, and unifying working-class roots.

The DOJ’s Lawsuit Against Yale Is How To Win The Culture War

For the first time in decades, the diversity bureaucrats dividing the country on the basis of race, class, and sex are worried about losing federal funding and being sued.

Islamist Beheading In France Highlights Dangers Of Refusing To Police An Insurgency

Islamism isn’t a free-speech issue, but a sovereignty issue. It’s a low-level insurgency. It needs to be eradicated. Insurgents cannot be reasoned with.

Attacks On Amy Coney Barrett Prove That For The Left, ‘Diversity’ Is Only A Way To Get Power

The only diversity the left won’t allow is one of varied viewpoints. Judge Barrett is a threat because she is living proof a different world exists.

Two NATO Allies Are Gearing Up For A Major Brawl

If the news of Turkish intervention on behalf of Azerbaijan is true, then Turkey just raised the stakes against France, and Europeans have a choice to make.

This Radical 1960s Movement In India Helps Explain Antifa Today

It is important for Americans, especially Republican lawmakers, to understand and study the Naxalite movement, as it provides a template to understand what is happening now.

There’s No Downside To Trump Nominating Amy Coney Barrett

This election was always going to be about culture. Treat the election as a referendum on cultural issues and lean in, Mr. President.

Taking On ‘Cuties’ Culture Should Be An Easy Move For The Right

Normalizing child sexualization did not start with ‘Cuties.’ The defensive reaction to it, however, just clarified the stakes for the future.

Pentagon: China’s Military Has Begun To Surpass The United States’s

New Pentagon paper paints a grim picture of a fractured, debt-ridden America in competition with an emerging Chinese empire.