Sumantra Maitra
Sumantra Maitra

Dr. Sumantra Maitra is a national-security fellow at The Center for the National Interest; a non-resident fellow at the James G Martin Center; and an elected early career historian member at the Royal Historical Society. He is a senior contributor to The Federalist, and can be reached on Twitter @MrMaitra.

3 Myths About Why The Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Such A Disaster

We need to understand the most influential event of this century and the potential fallout. The republic cannot afford another such catastrophe and hope to survive.

Why Liberals Hate Hungary’s Viktor Orban So Much

Hungarian President Viktor Orban was once a dissident against communism. Then he turned to faith and flag—and became a heretic against liberalism.

Report Warns That Identity Politics Is Weakening The Navy

The fundamental refrain was one of incompetence and destabilizing political correctness. The U.S. Navy is in dire need of toughening up.

Legislation Is A Perfectly Valid Way To Combat Toxic Ideas Like Critical Race Theory

When elites implement policies based on questionable theories, common people vote them out. That is a sign that the marketplace of ideas and the constitutional republic is working.

The Afghanistan Fiasco Is A Symptom Of A Greater Elite Problem

Unless we explore the root causes, Afghanistan will not be the last of pointless U.S. wars.

The Left’s Religious Faith In False ‘Science’ Echoes Soviet Corruption

What we’ve recently witnessed is the replacing of one faith with another, in which the new saints are the ‘experts’ who ‘trust science.’

America Needs An Honest Debate About Red Lines In Defense Of Taiwan

Politicians and military analysts should be blunt about their plans regarding the defense of Taiwan from possible Chinese invasion.

While The Biden Administration Amps Up Cultural Marxism, Europe Is Pushing It Back

Do American policymakers have any idea what might happen if most of Europe someday considers American cultural influence to be more toxic than Chinese economic influence?

Lessons For The World From The Latest Failed War In Afghanistan

Forty years since the Soviet invasion, it was Americans’ turn to learn the same lessons delivered to all great powers who venture into Afghanistan.

How U.K. Conservatives Are Fighting Systemic Racism Lies Offers A Template To The American Right

New British legislation and reports on race, universities, and culture provide a pathway for conservatives across the Anglosphere.

It’s No Surprise China Employs The Anti-American Propaganda Of Systemic Racism

The Chinese side knows that wielding the same self-loathing ideas the ruling class teaches in American universities will hurt Americans most.

Leftists Are Pushing Asian Americans Out Of The Democratic Party

The words of diversity ring hollow, as hard-working Asians from every socio-economic background, with stable family structure and strong disciplined work ethic, face discrimination.

Biden’s Plan For Promoting ‘Democracy’ Abroad Will Wreck U.S. Foreign Policy

Tucker Carlson is correct about utopian ideas from the national security blob resulting in flawed and destructive policies.

In Major Speech, Biden Reveals His Deep Misunderstanding Of Foreign Policy

Turning great-power competition into a simplistic struggle between good and evil defies basic realism. Naturally, Biden chose to do so in his first major foreign policy speech.

Arming Taiwan Against China Is A Smarter Strategy Than Sending U.S. Troops

President Biden shouldn’t make empty promises. The strategy should be about bleeding China if they overstretch, rather than committing American lives to a potentially attritional war.

India’s Amazing Vaccine Distribution Proves It’s An Excellent Partner To Balance China

Britain and India’s vaccine cooperation are part of the continuation of strengthening ties between America, Australia, Japan, India, and the United Kingdom.

The Global Consequences Of The Tech-Lash Will Be Severe

If tech feudal lords and oligarchs can decide which sovereign has a voice and platform, then sovereignty is meaningless. Europeans must take note.

A United Europe Aligning With China Would Be A Disaster For The United States

Under no scenario would a unified European Union aligned with China be in the interest of America. Indeed, a united EU might not be a friend but a foe.

Ring In Your Holidays By Buying All The Australian Wines The Chinese Won’t

Bullied by Communist China, Australia has called, and the world must answer — one bottle of delicious Australian wine at a time.

Why Samantha Power Would Be A Disastrous Biden Foreign Policy Pick

A role for Samantha Power in the upcoming Biden administration signals the return of the failed foreign policy agenda of Barack Obama.