Sumantra Maitra
Sumantra Maitra
Sumantra Maitra is a doctoral researcher at the University of Nottingham, UK, and a senior contributor to The Federalist. His research is in great power-politics and neorealism. He also writes for Quillette, Providence Magazine, Spectator US, The Telegraph, Claremont Review of Books, International Affairs, Washington Examiner, and other publications. You can find him on Twitter @MrMaitra.
When The European Union Becomes An Empire, Its Clash With The United States Is Inevitable

‘The world of tomorrow is a world of empires, in which we Europeans and you British can only defend your interests, your way of life, by doing it together in a European framework and a European Union,’ says a key EU leader.

Trump’s Next National Security Adviser Should Focus On Ending The Afghanistan War

The Afghanistan War was never supposed to be an endless imperial policing mission. At a time of resurgent great power rivalry, President Trump deserves to have an NSA who is a foreign policy realist.

Neither David French Nor Sohrab Ahmari Have Any Ideas About Where To Go From Here

After several dust-ups and intra-theological disputes, David French and Sohrab Ahmari still didn’t answer the key question of conservative policy.

Before The United States Makes Any Moves On Ukraine, It Needs A Strategy

The West needs to figure out a coherent endgame with Ukraine. It’s not clear that London and Washington have one.

U.K. Parliament Gives A Full-Fledged Finger To The British People

Twenty-one Conservative Party members of Parliament defected to the Liberals-Democrats to damage the new Boris Johnson government and oppose a No-Deal Brexit on October 31.

Bill De Blasio: Merit Is Racist, So We Won’t Allow It In NYC Public Schools

Merit is now racist, as far as Bill de Blasio’s School Diversity Advisory Group is concerned. His new plans are just the next step in active discrimination against hardworking students, for the sake of equal outcomes.

Anti-Progressive British School For Poor Kids Leads Nation In Latest Tests

‘Britain’s strictest school’ for the underprivileged, where discipline and order sparked controversy, just got its first major results, which are four times better than the national average.

New Paper Highlights Why Trump Should Bring U.S. Troops Home From Afghanistan

Donald Trump remains the first president in 25 years to not have started a new war. As the U.S. nears a deal, he should take this opportunity to bring American troops home.

Kevin Williamson’s New Book Is A Call To Arms Against Mob Rule

In his latest book, ‘The Smallest Minority,’ writer Kevin Williamson came to bury mob rule—but he did not go far enough.

The Jeffrey Epstein Investigation Must Not End With His Death

Unthinking respect for authority, Albert Einstein said, is the greatest enemy of truth. Journalists should bring back that spirit of skepticism and get to the bottom of the Epstein death.

What Would It Look Like To Replace U.S. Foreign Intervention With Something Smarter?

A plucky new think tank takes the fight to the foreign policy ‘blob’ and promotes policies of retrenchment, realism, and restraint.

5 Foreign Policy Questions Democrat Presidential Candidates Need To Answer

Since the moderators will not do it, here’s a list of five foreign policy questions reporters should badger Democratic candidates with.

For Boris Johnson To Succeed, He Needs To Pick The U.S. Over The EU

Give the mess Britain is in, simply invoking the spirit of Nelson won’t be enough. Boris must lead London to choose a side soon, between D.C. and Brussels.

Can Conservatism Coalesce Into A New Fusion That Channels The Nationalist Zeitgeist?

Unless there’s a bench being formed that formulates policy and acts as a brain trust, the new national conservatism will be short-lived.

Newly Energized National Conservatives Take Aim At Libertarianism

The libertarian-conservative coalition might survive in the domain of foreign policy, given the return to noninterventionist roots, but in domestic politics, a rift seems inevitable.

Peter Thiel Calls For Google To Be Investigated For Treason

The year 2016 was a defining moment in the Western polity, with Brexit and Donald Trump’s election changing the status quo, which led to this conference trying to figure out what exactly is causing such changes.

How Sweden’s ‘Feminist Foreign Policy’ Has Increased Violence Against Women

Like any other political philosophy, feminism should be tested against empirical reality. And the reality in Sweden isn’t pretty.

If Antifa Isn’t Checked, Beware The Backlash Against Their Violence

Violence almost always begets violence, and if liberals and conservatives refuse, or fail, to establish order, someone else will.

3 Key Takeaways From Democrats’ Primary Debates

Before voting, a country needs to see how serious their representatives are. Sadly, an elite debating pronouns, with greater existential concerns untouched, is highly symbolic of danger ahead.

Australian Rugby Star Sacked For Posting Christian Meme On Instagram

GoFundMe, where Israel Folau initially located his legal defense fund after being fired over a Christian Instagram meme, abruptly closed his account, accusing him of bigotry.