Sumantra Maitra
Sumantra Maitra

Sumantra Maitra is a doctoral researcher at the University of Nottingham, UK, and a senior contributor to The Federalist. His research is in great power-politics and neorealism. He also writes for Quillette, Providence Magazine, Spectator US, The Telegraph, Claremont Review of Books, International Affairs, Washington Examiner, and other publications. You can find him on Twitter @MrMaitra.

New Study Finds Sweden’s Refusal To Lock Down Saved The Economy Without Sacrificing Lives

Sweden has an intact economy, a citizenry with greater immunity to COVID-19, and a death rate per million lower than Italy’s — all with no lockdown.

War Looms In The Mediterranean And Threatens To Entangle The Great Powers

America and the United Kingdom would be wise to let Egypt, France, and Greece take the lead in balancing a dangerous and resurgent Turkey.

Hong Kong Is The New East Germany

As Beijing’s financial backbone, the loss of too many Hong Kongers to destinations throughout the nations of the British Commonwealth would be a huge loss to China.

Hagia Sophia’s Reversion Into A Mosque Is A Turning Point In History

While Americans behead Columbus and the British topple Rhodes, Hagia Sophia’s reconversion shows that the rest of the world still reveres national history, and it gives them strength.

Only Tom Hanks Could Have Made New WWII Drama ‘Greyhound’

No fictional horror will ever compare to standing in a warship guarding supply convoys during a stormy mid-Atlantic night, hunted by German submarine wolf-packs.

If The Right Is Serious About The Culture War, It Needs To Clean House In Education

As politics is downstream of culture, and conservatives sit at a disadvantage, fixing the leftist bias in corporate media and academia are the first steps.

How Liberalism’s Global Contradictions Gave Rise To Donald Trump

A new book by Patrick Porter, ‘The False Promise of Liberal Order,’ charts where American grand strategy went wrong, what led to the global backlash since 2016, and what is the future way forward.

3 Crucial Lessons From Great Britain’s University-Driven Cultural Revolution

Unless conservatives urgently tackle the hubs of radicalism, the next time any leftist government is in power, the revolution will have the full backing of the establishment.

Why We Should All Be Troubled By Europe’s Violent Weekend

A chaotic weekend of mayhem and violence across Europe showed the impotence of European governments and the limits of the progressive model of policing.

Exposing The Dangers Of Anarchy Begins In The Classroom

The hubs of insurgency are within our universities. To ensure the continuation of our way of life, they must be confronted.

Republican Leaders Need A Lesson In Law And Order From Richard Nixon

As Nixon knew in 1968, if Republicans fail to be the party of benevolent order, people will elect anyone who gives them the justice they demand.

How A New Asian Alliance Will Press The West’s Advantages Against China

The time to formalize the Quad has come, and the United States should help Australia in that endeavour and lead the effort.

How Blind Faith In Scientific Expertise Wrecked The Economy

One British scientist, a severely flawed model, and a thousand braying imbeciles on social media ordering everyone to ‘have faith in science’ led to the next economic crisis.

Americans Don’t Hate Foreign Policy Experts, Just The Stupid Ones

A recent Foreign Affairs essay predictably gives the public a false binary choice, blames the current administration, and defends the foreign policy establishment.

Conservatives Create New Bailout Model: Want Money? Fix Your University

Any tax-funded bailouts for higher ed need to be contingent upon urgent structural reforms, and a new paper from the National Association of Scholars provides the blueprint.

Universities Need Creative Destruction, Not Bailouts

Bloated universities should reform or perish. One can only hope British conservatives can show the same resolve as their American counterparts in blocking any bailouts.

If You Want A Lesson In Bravery, Don’t Look To Brian Stelter

Instead of respecting and worshiping fragility, anxiety, and vulnerability, it is time to reconsider stoicism and fortitude.

The Wuhan Virus Is Finally Awakening Europe To China’s Imperialism

Beijing is about to realize that when you have lost the support of both the Germans and the British, you will possibly lose the rest of Europe as well.

Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Platform Is Woefully Inadequate To Today’s Needs

Foreign policy is Biden’s worst platform, and it would be negligence not to question him on the challenges of the future, for which, according to his own words, he seems woefully ill-prepared.

Why It’s A Good Thing Coronavirus Will Mow Down Many Colleges

If this virus leads to tightening academic grants, defunding activist departments, making students more fiscally responsible, and shuttering nonessential bureaucracy in higher ed, then that’s a good thing.