Sumantra Maitra
Sumantra Maitra

Sumantra Maitra is a doctoral researcher at the University of Nottingham, UK, and a senior contributor to The Federalist. His research is in great power-politics and neorealism. He also writes for Quillette, Providence Magazine, Spectator US, The Telegraph, Claremont Review of Books, International Affairs, Washington Examiner, and other publications. You can find him on Twitter @MrMaitra.

How A New Asian Alliance Will Press The West’s Advantages Against China

The time to formalize the Quad has come, and the United States should help Australia in that endeavour and lead the effort.

How Blind Faith In Scientific Expertise Wrecked The Economy

One British scientist, a severely flawed model, and a thousand braying imbeciles on social media ordering everyone to ‘have faith in science’ led to the next economic crisis.

Americans Don’t Hate Foreign Policy Experts, Just The Stupid Ones

A recent Foreign Affairs essay predictably gives the public a false binary choice, blames the current administration, and defends the foreign policy establishment.

Conservatives Create New Bailout Model: Want Money? Fix Your University

Any tax-funded bailouts for higher ed need to be contingent upon urgent structural reforms, and a new paper from the National Association of Scholars provides the blueprint.

Universities Need Creative Destruction, Not Bailouts

Bloated universities should reform or perish. One can only hope British conservatives can show the same resolve as their American counterparts in blocking any bailouts.

If You Want A Lesson In Bravery, Don’t Look To Brian Stelter

Instead of respecting and worshiping fragility, anxiety, and vulnerability, it is time to reconsider stoicism and fortitude.

The Wuhan Virus Is Finally Awakening Europe To China’s Imperialism

Beijing is about to realize that when you have lost the support of both the Germans and the British, you will possibly lose the rest of Europe as well.

Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Platform Is Woefully Inadequate To Today’s Needs

Foreign policy is Biden’s worst platform, and it would be negligence not to question him on the challenges of the future, for which, according to his own words, he seems woefully ill-prepared.

Why It’s A Good Thing Coronavirus Will Mow Down Many Colleges

If this virus leads to tightening academic grants, defunding activist departments, making students more fiscally responsible, and shuttering nonessential bureaucracy in higher ed, then that’s a good thing.

China Is An Adversarial Great Power, Not A Civilizational Rival

The Chinese regime is a strategic adversary. To compete, we’d need allies, regardless of their culture or values, including those with very similar culture to the Chinese.

Coronavirus Has Driven A Stake Through Globalism’s Heart

In 2020, it is even more evident that global institutions are not to be trusted. During times of actual crisis, they are not just incompetent, but also downright indifferent to tragedy.

Coronavirus Is The World’s Biggest Stress Test Since World War II

Wuhun flu should be a wakeup call for conservatives, and bring forth a renewed appreciation of some ancient wisdom from a certain Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury.

China Is Lashing Out Because Wuhan Flu Has Unmasked It To The World

Communist China’s leaders are afraid because they feel a parallel to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which hardened everyone’s resolve and awakened a sleeping giant.

Why Bernie Sanders’s Dream Of Turning The United States Into Scandinavia Is Stupid

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders wants to transform the United States into Scandinavia. That should fill you with skepticism.

Joe Biden’s Campaign May Be Reinvigorated, But He Isn’t

It’s conventional wisdom that a Biden coronation and a hyper-disciplined party apparatus coalescing will bring everything back to normal in the frayed Democratic field. Not so fast.

Toby Young Leads Rebuke To Leftist Censorship With Free Speech Union

Toby Young explains the aims of his latest project, a British version of the ACLU, but one that actually defends free speech without nonsensical transgender activism or stupid intersectional tweets.

With Afghanistan Deal, Trump Has A Foreign Policy Record He Can Take To Re-Election

No new wars or interventions in Iran or Venezuela, a partial drawdown from Iraq and Syria, and an Afghanistan withdrawal deal is a foreign policy record to be proud of.

Michael Bloomberg Hasn’t Jettisoned Enough Of His Masculinity For Democrats, But He’s Trying

The presence of Bloomberg on stage finally opened up a lot of hidden fissures. What followed was a clash of two distinct cultures within the Democratic Party.

The ‘Russia Is Stealing The Election For Trump’ Craze Is Back For 2020

Like a risible sequel to the everlasting Star Wars franchise, an old story is back, just in time to delegitimize the next election.

It’s Time For Classical Architecture To Bring Down The Hideous Grey Totalitarians

Nothing riles the cultural relativists and totalitarians more than the classical Western canon. The movement to bring back classical architecture in both Britain and the United States is long overdue.