Sumantra Maitra
Sumantra Maitra
Sumantra Maitra is a doctoral researcher at the University of Nottingham, UK. His research is in great power-politics and neorealism. He has written for Spectator, The Telegraph, Claremont Review of Books, International Affairs, Quillette, and is a regular writer for The Federalist. You can find him on Twitter @MrMaitra.
Without The Electoral College, The United States Is No Longer A Republic

Democratic candidates’ demands of abolishing the Electoral College and reducing the voting age will eventually lead to the death of our country as we know it.

We Can’t Fight The Campus Cultural Revolution By Whining About It On YouTube

A government should not decide what are acceptable thoughts. But it is their job to defend free speech and ensure no thoughts are censored by activists.

Democrats’ Extremist Crackup Makes Trump’s Governance Hugely Attractive To Swing Voters

The modern left was predicated on a tacit understanding between the liberal internationalists on one hand, and social democrats and closet Marxists on the other. That peace is shattered, for good.

What The United States Should Do About India And Pakistan’s Current Conflict

Instead of idealism, ensuring stability and order, regardless of who provides it, should be the key American aim in South Asia.

No, Your Politics And Morality Are Not Superior If Children Endorse Them

The only thing more insufferable than child activists prodded along by cynical cultists are adults nodding as if they are listening to Socratic wisdom.

European Punditry’s Meltdown Over Pence And Pompeo Marks A Refusal To Accept The Changing World Order

Instead of lamenting the old halcyon world order, European foreign policy strategists should recognize that the world order is changing and they must adapt.

No, Female ISIS Members Should Not Get Tickets Back To Civilization

Adding white wine instead of red to a Coq-au-Vin is a ‘mistake.’ Joining a mass murdering religious cult enslaving, raping, and conquering infidel land to spread Sharia is anything but.

The Green New Deal Is Simply A Delusional Excuse To Seize Power

Tell an average American person that he needs to pay 60 percent of his income and give up his car so that a person who chooses not to work can sit at home and see how that works out.

4 Foreign Policy Shifts Trump Should Stake Out In His State Of The Union

2016 marked the end of a quarter-century of liberal utopia. Why are pundits still lamenting the old order instead of adjusting to new challenges?

What The United States Should Do In Venezuela Besides Nothing Or Intervention

Let South American powers do the military intervention, carrying the security burden instead of costly American occupation, which will inevitably result in a civil war.

Parliament Generates Huge Backlash Against The Great Brexit Betrayal

Britain needs to choose whether it wants to be aligned with free market cousins across the pond or operate under a new order established by Mittel Europa.

No, A Catholic Kid Wearing A MAGA Hat Isn’t Like A Ku Klux Klansman

Whatever comes out of this will be a defining moment for all those Covington Catholic kids and their families and the institutions that failed to protect them.

Trump’s Nominee For Kavanaugh’s Old Seat Tarred For Eschewing Identity Politics

Neomi Rao’s writing goes against every narrative the left holds dear––she’s a self-made minority who believes in national unity and personal responsibility.

Tulsi Gabbard’s Presidential Candidacy Exposes Huge Democratic Party Rifts

A 2020 presidential run by this foreign policy realist and socially-not-too-liberal combat veteran would definitely shake things up.

Bolsonaro’s Election Indicates Brazil Can Be An Anti-Socialist Ally

Plagued by populist, left-wing regimes for too long, Brazilians have elected Jair Bolsonaro. Here’s why that’s great news for the rest of Latin America.

Don’t Let Ocasio-Cortez And Her Party Dance Around The Facts Of Immigration

Democrats are turning into an American version of France’s failed Macronist utopia, arguing for open borders while taxing people for utopian projects.

5 Books From 2018 That Will Help Explain What Happens In 2019

A survey of five of 2018’s most influential books for the New Year, which helped shed light on the rapidly changing cultural and political world around us.

3 Questions To Ask Before The Next Open-Ended Foreign Intervention

Where should one intervene? What constitutes a win? Do we have what it takes to finish it permanently?

How Academia’s Unhealthy Obsession With Diversity Creates Social Unrest

A new book by Heather Mac Donald, ‘The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture,’ provides evidence and underlines the causes behind campus radicalism to Judge Kavanaugh’s witchhunt.

Now That The Russian Collusion Narrative Is Deflating, The Left Is Shifting Goalposts

It’s increasingly difficult to sustain the smoke without any actual fire, and that reality is now evident in even liberal publications.