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School Punishes Male Teacher For Refusing To Watch A Naked Girl In The Boys’ Locker Room


A Florida school district allowed a self-described transgender female student regular access to the boys’ locker room, with no advance warning to the boys or their parents. The first time she walked in, she caught “boys (literally) with their pants down, causing them embarrassment and concern by the fact that they had been observed changing by an obvious girl,” says a complaint letter to Pasco County School District from Liberty Counsel, a pro-bono constitutional law firm.

With a “gag order,” school administrators forbade teachers from talking about the change, and ordered a male P.E. teacher to supervise the potentially undressed girl in the Chasco Middle School locker room, the letter says. When he refused to “knowingly place himself in a position to observe a minor female in the nude or otherwise in a state of undress,” administrators told him “he will be transferred to another school as discipline for ‘not doing your job in the locker room.'”

In an email, an administrator initially threatened to put the male coach on administrative leave, telling him that refusing to supervise a potentially naked female student would “not be tolerated,”said Liberty Counsel attorney Richard Mast. The school’s other P.E. teacher, who is female, also objected and was ignored.

Pasco parents have yet to be informed by the school of this situation, yet the transgender student continues to have open access to private male areas, according to Liberty Counsel. Despite the initial September incident, then legal contact in October, the elected board for the district with 70,500 students has so far taken no action and administrators have refused to budge.

“Unfortunately these things are going on across the country, primarily with school psychologists and guidance counselors,” said Mast. He noted that it’s standard for public schools to pass transgender policies without informing parents, voters, or taxpayers first. That means the public only hears about it after children have been affected, withholding all opportunities for parents to prevent their child’s exposure to this kind of sexual indoctrination, confusion, and exploitation.

Last year in a Georgia public school, a five-year-old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by a “gender-fluid” male classmate in the school bathroom after a transgender policy allowed him access. He allegedly pushed her against the wall and repeatedly jammed his fingers into her genitals while she struggled. The district refuses to believe the alleged victim and the mother has pulled her daughter from the school, which never notified her of the incident and maintains its bathroom policy.

Sex Uber Alles, and Definitely Don’t Tell the Parents

It appears Pasco schools adopted their transgender policies with no notice to their elected school board, parents, or voters. Instead, they were implemented after the district hired Jackie Jackson-Dean, a school psychologist, as a LGBT liason. Her website lists her as the “primary author of the school district’s [LGBT] best practices guide,” which names her as its”lead content developer.” That guide says transgender pronouns, locker room, bathroom, dress code, and sports access are a student’s “right.” About overnight school trips, it says:

Schools should work with the student and their family to devise a plan for the trip, based on the student’s comfort level. Remember, schools have an obligation to not disclose the student’s transgender status to other students or parents unless the student has provided explicit permission to do so (emphasis added).

So a child could be placed overnight in a room with an emotionally or mentally struggling child of the opposite sex without that child or her parents knowing. The guide gives school staff a script of “Talking Points about Gender-Inclusive Schools.” Here are some selections for responses to concerned parents and students:

By the way, this second to last point is at the very least debatable, if not flat-out untrue. Newer research indicates the spread of transgenderism among children follows the patterns of other social contagions, such as suicide. A wider body of research indicates nonheterosexuality is highly fluid and tends to dissipate over time. Psychological research shows that early or repeated exposure to sexual images and ideas damages children.

An article from 2017 says Jackson-Dean uses her position at the school to connect students with an organization called Metro, which has nine Tampa Bay locations. Metro helps LGBT minors and adults meet, gives counseling to LGBT-identified and questioning people including minors, and hands out drugs that aim to reduce HIV transmission when people have risky sex. Metro website notes that the Food and Drug Administration has approved this drug for children 15 to 17, meaning legal minors.

Pasco schools have refused to require parent permission for Jackson-Dean to refer minor students to an organization that appears to enable risky sex among minors by offering prescription drugs rather than responsibly advising people with immature decision-making abilities against dangerous, life-altering sexual encounters.

Activists Wield Courts to Force Schools Into Insanity

The guide also accepts the left’s legal arguments that laws that use the word “sex” should be understood instead to mean “gender,” and says the school district will ignore the Trump administration’s reversal of Obama-era U.S. Department of Education rules that required schools to do this in the absence of any legal authorization whatsoever.

The federal “Title IX has never been interpreted this way in its entire 40-year history until the Obama administration,” Mast noted. “It’s been rejected several times in the Title VII context, until the Obama administration.”

Liberty Counsel’s letter provides many other relevant legal arguments, such as: “It is not ‘discrimination’ to respect safety and privacy rights based on biological sex; nor is it ‘discrimination’ to respect parental rights to protect their minor children; and maintain safeguards against involuntary observation or molestation by members of the opposite sex, where children have a right to sex-based privacy protections.”

Despite the lack of genuine legal support for switching the meaning of the word “sex” to the word “gender,” activist courts have largely sided with groundless LGBT claims. Mast says this is because “when the ACLU files [cases like] this they’re betting on the school district tapping out. None of these cases have been reached on the merits.”

Thus school districts around the country are caught between expensive, highly emotional lawsuits with unpredictable outcomes, and protecting children. Usually they choose to expose the children and protect their money and comfort, with as little notice to parents and taxpayers as possible. The LGBT children get told their feelings trump all and require reorienting the entire social life of the school (as well as the curriculum!), while the other 97 percent get told their feelings are evidence of evil bigotry.

Supporting LGBT Kids Means Boxing Parents Out?

An “LGBT-Inclusive School,” Jackson-Dean’s guide says, has: “Health and sexuality education that is inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities”; “curriculum that regularly includes information about LGBT people, history, and events”; and “Library resources and displays that are inclusive of LGBT people, history, and issues.” It also has “Proms, homecoming, and athletic events that allow for gender-neutral alternatives to ‘King’ and ‘Queen'”; and “Observations of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day that affirm all family structures.”

A school that is helping LGBT students will not only treat families as potential sources of trauma whose rejection directly leads to LGBT children’s depression and suicide, but also have “‘Out’ teachers,” “Inclusive paperwork (e.g. NOT mother/father),” and “Messaging from administration regarding non-tolerance of harassment and discrimination,” the guide says.

That guide thanks the LGBT activist organizations Gender Spectrum, GLAAD, GLSEN, and Teaching Tolerance; the U.S. Department of Education; and special interest groups National Education Association (teachers union), National School Boards Association, National Association of School Psychologists, and American Psychological Association for their input and resources.

The district’s “gender support plan” includes measures to keep the child’s medical and psychological information secret from his or her parents. It in fact forbids school staff from telling parents about their child’s sexual experimentation without the child’s permission.