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VIDEO: Ohio State Protesters Chant ‘John McCain’s Dead’ Outside Ben Shapiro Lecture

Anti-Ben Shapiro protesters rolled out some unsavory chants at Ohio State on Tuesday.


Students put on a shameful display Tuesday at Ohio State University, where conservative commentator Ben Shapiro appeared as part of his campus lecture tour. Leftist protesters who gathered outside the doors to the venue led chants of “Reagan’s dead” and “John McCain’s dead” while Shapiro attempted to deliver his remarks.

Video provided to The Federalist by Young America’s Foundation (in full disclosure, I’m on YAF’s board of directors) captured the pathetic demonstration. According to YAF, the national sponsor of Shapiro’s tour, protesters also started to chant “Bush Senior’s dead” before realizing they were mistaken.

A group of demonstrators can be seen chanting “F-ck Ben Shapiro” in the video below. They continued marching into the building where the event was being held, but did not manage to actually disrupt Shapiro’s lecture, YAF said.

The foundation also authenticated an email sent earlier on Tuesday to students in the school’s Morrill Scholars Program, asserting that Shapiro’s “rhetoric has the potential to threaten the emotional and mental safety of much of the campus community.” The message, signed by the program’s student advisory council, also noted anyone without a “safe space” or who didn’t “want to be alone” was welcome to gather with other students and staff from 5 to 8 p.m.

YAF owns the Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara, which likely explains protestors’ chants about the 40th president’s death. What prompted the group to chant about the recent passing of a U.S. senator remains unclear, although it should be noted McCain fought and was a prisoner of war overseas to preserve their freedom to do so. For OSU’s senseless demonstrators, that might be worth dwelling on.