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Democrats Prove Happy To See America Fail If It Dings President Trump Too


On May 24 President Trump canceled his scheduled summit with North Korea, which is now back on for June 12 after further negotiations. Predictably, the cancelation met gloating and celebration among many congressional Democrats, with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi suggesting she imagined Kim Jong-Un was having a “giggle fit.”

To the casual observer, it must have sounded a little strange to hear people reveling about the summit’s cancelation. After all, having a meeting that could broker a denuclearized North Korea would objectively be a good thing for the security and peace of America and the world. But to those more steeped in the political maneuverings of Washington DC, it didn’t come as a surprise at all to see Democrats gleeful over this opportunity’s cancelation.

Democrats, both in Congress and in the media, were all too happy to see President Trump pull the plug on a meeting that would be good for America. Their immediate reaction was to gloat and attempt to discredit those who suggested President Trump should receive a Nobel Peace Prize if he brokered a nuclear deal.

Following news of the meeting’s cancellation, Democrat Gerry Connolly (VA) took to Twitter to say: “N Korea summit canceled. I guess that Nobel Peace Prize will have to wait. Covfefe!” Never one to waste an opportunity to criticize the president, Joy Behar laughed on “The View,” stating: “There goes that Nobel Prize.” All this, although President Trump winning a Nobel Peace Prize would likely mean the world was on the path towards being a safer place with a denuclearized North Korea.

It’s Awful To Cancel a Summit that Shouldn’t Happen

There was also an inescapable irony in Democrats’ criticism of President Trump for canceling the meeting. Democrats expressed almost unanimous disapproval when President Trump initially agreed to take the meeting with Kim. Sen. Richard Blumenthal was “alarmed,” Sen. Tammy Duckworth stated that accepting the meeting carried “tremendous risk” after previously characterizing President Trump’s statements about North Korea as “reckless blusters,” and Sen. Chris Murphy tweeted he had “a sinking feeling” about the meeting.

Then Democrats almost unanimously condemned President Trump for canceling the North Korean meeting. It’s hard, then, to interpret this kind of switcheroo as anything but basing their political positions entirely on animus for Trump instead of what they think is good for America.

Their new jubilation at America’s loss was short-lived. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said Republicans were celebrating Trump’s summit with North Korea when we weren’t even across the 50-yard line. But that same logic can be turned right around and used against some Democrats, like Swalwell, who postured after President Trump canceled the summit.

The response from the North Koreans to President Trump’s letter was contrary to what most would have expected. Almost from the moment President Trump first announced the summit’s cancelation, efforts were underway between the two nations to revive the summit. Following a series of meetings and negotiations, including a senior North Korean official making a trip to the White House, President Trump received more acceptable conditions.

Just like that, only 8 days after initially canceling the summit, it was back on, and will now be held this week on the originally scheduled June 12, at Singapore’s Sentosa Island. President Trump wasn’t afraid to walk away from the negotiating table, and won’t be afraid to do it again if he doesn’t consider the conditions acceptable. It is the art of the deal on full display.

It’s Not Just North Korea, Either

Those on the Left have taken questionable knee-jerk stances recently on more than North Korea. Following President Trump’s statement referring to members of MS-13—whose motto is “rape, control, kill”—as “animals,” Democrats decried the comments, with Pelosi stating, “Does he not believe in the spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person? Calling people animals is not a good thing.”

This made it appear that many Democrats were coming to the defense of MS-13. Choosing to go after President Trump’s words in this case is especially curious when taking into account that a Harvard poll found 56 percent of Americans side with the president on this issue.

Many Democrats have also spoken out recently against Israeli soldiers’ actions toward Hamas during its violent protests in Gaza. Reports are that 50 members of the terrorist organization were reportedly killed trying to storm the border fence after becoming violent. This did not stop Democratic senators like Dianne Feinstein and Bernie Sanders from questioning Israeli soldiers’ use of force and defending terrorists.

To make matters worse, Democratic activists, including former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, activist Shaun King, and Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour, were incensed over a photo apparently depicting two children sleeping on the floor and separated from their parents in a border detention facility. Only after expressing their horror over the photo and blaming President Trump for the conditions did its true nature come to light: it was a photo from the border in 2014, when Democrat Barack Obama was president.

Over the weekend, we even saw liberals criticizing America’s currently successful economy. Pelosi, the gift that keeps giving, found a way to criticize overwhelmingly successful unemployment numbers. Meanwhile, liberal HBO host Bill Maher expressed his desire for an economic recession, so long as that would hurt President Trump’s poll numbers.

Never mind that this would destroy the lives of countless people across the country. Maher makes eight figures per year, so a recession would likely not hurt him much. What was his rationale for such an outlandish desire for his fellow Americans to feel pain? Nothing more than the fact he sees a recession as a means to end the Trump presidency.

Do Democrats Prefer Thugs and Terrorists to Trump?

Also note the swell of Democrats criticizing President Trump over the G7 summit. He took a hardline stance against the imbalance in trade with the other G7 nations, failing to see the one-sidedness as acceptable simply because it’s “how things have always been.” Democrats are now coming to the defense of foreign nations with high tariffs over American workers and consumers, simply because this stands opposite Trump.

In recent days and weeks, President Trump caused Democrats to defend both MS-13 and Hamas, openly hope for an economic recession, express contempt for a picture of border detention practices under President Obama, support the concept of trade deals slanted towards foreign countries and away from the United States, and publicly celebrate the breakdown of a meeting with North Korea that could lead to denuclearization.

There has always been a double standard and insatiable desire from the Left to criticize Trump. What is new is the lengths some Democrats are willing to go just for the sake of opposing President Trump.

Republicans should be sure Democrats’ stances are not soon forgotten by American voters across the country come November. The instinctive knee-jerk criticism of everything Trump says and does has pushed many Democrats over the cliff and brought us to a time where Kim Kardashian’s political disposition is more sensible than many Democrats in office and the media. The only question now is: In an election year, just how far off the reservation Democrats will go with their reflexive criticism of Trump?