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Sen. John Kennedy: The ‘Mueller Investigation Needs To End’


In a statement released Wednesday, Sen. John Kennedy called for the ongoing Department of Justice probe led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to end.


In a statement released Wednesday, Sen. John Kennedy, who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, called for the ongoing Department of Justice probe led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to end.

“It’s time to wrap things up,” Kennedy said. “The investigation is important, but so are many other issues, from which the investigation distracts in time, energy, and taxpayer money.”

“Respectfully, Mr. Mueller needs to start winding things down and report his findings to the American people,” Kennedy said about the ongoing, year-old probe into whether Trump and his campaign associates colluded with Russian officials to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. “I trust them to draw their own conclusions about Mr. Mueller’s report.”

Kennedy isn’t the only senator who has been urging Mueller to conclude the investigation. In a radio interview last week, Sen. Bill Cassidy said he hoped it would end soon.

Last week, Sen. Chuck Grassley, who also sits on the Judiciary Committee, sent a typed, seven-page, single-spaced letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein filled with questions about why Mueller was appointed to lead the investigation.

On Monday, he asked for all communications between Bruce Ohr, a demoted DOJ official, and Christopher Steele, who put together a dossier filled with salacious and unverified claims about Donald Trump. The dossier was also funded by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Ohr was demoted last year shortly after news broke that his wife was hired to dig up dirt on Trump by Fusion GPS, the same firm that put together the infamous dossier.

News reports revealed that Ohr had secretly met together with his wife and Steele to discuss the dossier during the 2016 campaign and that the DOJ official was aware of Steele’s political bias against Trump, but did not report it to the DOJ.