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WATCH: Five-Year-Old Girl Finds Out She Wasn’t Invited To The Royal Wedding, Bursts Into Tears

royal wedding

‘What am I not a real princess?’ she asks her mom.


Five-year-old Lola burst into tears on camera when her mom explained to her that she was not going to be attending the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Lola, who lives in Belfast, thought she had received an invitation to the royal wedding this past Saturday, but what she had actually been invited to was a royal wedding-themed tea party at her school. When her mom broke the news to her — that she would not get to attend Meghan Markle’s wedding at Windsor Castle — her reaction was priceless.

“Are you just joking me?” Lola asks her mom before she bursts into tears.

“You have to be a prince or a princess to go to the royal wedding,” her mom explains.

“What am I not a real princess?” the five-year-old asks.

“Probably Meghan doesn’t know me,” Lola says in a calmer tone after her mum explains how wedding invitations work. “But she knows everybody else in our school. She probably can’t know everybody, but she does know some people.”

The girl calms down after her mom promises to take her “girlie shopping” on the day of the royal wedding, in an attempt to comfort her.

“Are you recording me?” she asks at the end of the video.

“No,” her mom replies.