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Breaking News Alert Tucker Slams Newsweek Smear As Scheme To Restart Government Surveillance

Podcast: White House Updates On Tariffs, Saudis, And Facebook

Zeke Miller, White House reporter for The Associated Press, joins Ben Domenech on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.



Zeke Miller, White House reporter for the Associated Press, joins the Federalist Radio Hour. Miller reports on the latest West Wing news including Hope Hicks’ departure, Trump’s trade war, and how the White House is handling disarray at the border wall.

“The biggest change between Larry Kudlow and Garry Cohn is that Garry Cohn did not have a very close relationship with the President,” Miller said. “The way we viewed the White House last year was in these factions…this year, it’s less about what ideological stand point you come from.”

Later in the hour, Miller and Domenech discuss Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s expected testimony on Capitol Hill next week.

Listen to the full episode here: