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Girl With No Job’s Twitter Account Has Gone Dark

girl with no job

Girl With No Job’s Twitter account has gone dark, after The Daily Beast unearthed old political tweets and revealed her mother is Pamela Geller.


The Twitter account of Instagram celebrity Claudia Oshry, who goes by the username Girl With No Job, has gone dark, after The Daily Beast unearthed political tweets from 2012 and revealed that her mother is right-wing provocateur Pamela Geller.

Claudia and her sisters Jackie, Olivia and Margo Oshry, had gone to “great lengths to conceal their connection to their mother,” who has been the target of multiple attempts on her life, The Beast reported Wednesday. A man was convicted last October for attempting to behead Geller on behalf of ISIS last. In 2015, Geller hosted a controversial drawing contest in Garland, Texas offering cash prizes of the best drawing of the prophet Mohamed. The event was the target of a mass shooting that was foiled by police officers who saved countless lives by stopping the two terrorists.

The sisters had also posted messages supportive of President Trump as well as tweets mocking Obama, which The Beast highlighted.

After the Daily Beast’s story went live, Verizon’s Oath said it was cancelling the sisters’ show.

In response, Claudia posted a teary video to Instagram apologizing for her tweets.

An apology to all of you.

A post shared by Claudia Oshry Soffer (@girlwithnojob) on

“I want to express my utmost, sincere apologies for the indefensible comments that I’ve said in the past,” she said. “That is not a reflection of who I am as a person today and I am truly sorry to everyone I’ve offended and let down. All I can do now is reflect and learn from this experience by showing everyone the good that is in my heart.”

Claudia’s account has been deleted. It’s unclear whether she chose to delete it or if the account was suspended by Twitter.