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Labor Unions And Free Speech Face Off In ‘Janus Vs. AFSCME’ SCOTUS Case

“Janus v. AFSME” is a case about restoring workers’ first amendment rights. Dan DiSalvo joins Federalist Radio to discuss the power and money unions hold.


The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments next week for the case “Janus vs. AFSCME,” which addresses first amendment issues in public sector labor and seeks to restore workers’ rights to freedom of speech.

Daniel DiSalvo joins this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the details of this case. As a public sector employee himself, DiSalvo shares the hoops he has had to jump through to exercise his own first amendment rights.

“This string of Supreme Court cases over the last 5 years has really forced public sector labor leaders to say ‘Wait a minute, we need to reconnect with our membership and communicate why being in the union is valuable,'” he said.

Daniel DiSalvo is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and an associate professor of political science in the Colin Powell School at the City College of New York–CUNY.

Listen to the full interview here: