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Americans Can Care About The Royals And Prince Harry’s Engagement

On the Federalist Radio Hour, Kristen Soltis Anderson and Mary Katharine Ham break down the royal family news and their favorite figures of the Crown.


Kristen Soltis Anderson and Mary Katharine Ham are here for your fill of Royals in light of the news of Prince Harry’s engagement. On this episode of Federalist Radio, they discuss why it’s okay for Americans to care about the Monarchy and why Megan Markle is a controversial pick.

“Their relationship has been public for a couple of months now, in part because Prince Harry put out a statement,” Anderson sad. “Megan Markle is mixed race. Her mother is black. Her father is white. This led to absurd coverage in the British press.”

Later in the hour, Anderson breaks down her top five figures from all across Europe’s royal families.

Listen here: