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Van Jones Talks Tribalism, Culture Wars, ‘Whitelash,’ And The Messy Truth

CNN Political Commentator Van Jones addresses the extreme political divides in American in his new book “Beyond The Messy Truth,” on Federalist Radio.


Van Jones is a CNN political contributor and author of the new book, “Beyond the Messy Truth: How We Came Apart, How We Come Together.” Jones addresses the hypocrisy on both sides of the political debate.

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Ben Domenech and Jones discuss the 2016 campaign, the elites, the culture wars, and the term “whitelash.”

Jones explains how progressives freaking out about tweets everyday is not a strategy for getting their party back on track. “To the extent that there are people who, for whatever reasons, may be less enthusiastic about multiculturalism than I am…I still want to keep those people in my circle of moral concern and my community of dialogue and discourse,” he said.

Listen to the full show here: