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Britt McHenry Talks Sports Reporting, ESPN, And Social Media Mobs

Sports journalist and former ESPN reporter Brit McHenry opens up about her career and interest in political issues on the Federalist Radio Hour.


Britt McHenry, sports journalist, joins the Federalist Radio Hour to open up about her early career, the ESPN layoffs, social media mobs, and her thoughts on the future of sports media.

McHenry said her interests have shifted from sports to more social and political issues. “I’d rather do something that I believe and I love than just take a job reading copy or doing a sideline report. I feel like I’ve done that already…I want to enter a new arena.”

Do sports journalists intentionally alienate their audience with their political views? “I think there’s a disconnect with the viewers,” McHenry said. “I think that when you go on too much of a pioneering social justice stand, that’s great… but sports fans just want to watch sports.”

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