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Podcast: Health Policy, Hospitals, And Drug Trials With Paul Howard

Why is it easier to close down a military base than a hospital? Paul Howard answers our health policy questions on the Federalist Radio Hour.


Paul Howard, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and director of health policy, joins publisher Ben Domenech on this episode of Federalist Radio. Howard is also a health innovator fellow in the Aspen Institute’s Global Leadership Network.

Howard discussed some of the key issues with the American health care system, and why so many of our leaders don’t know the facts about these issues.

“We’re spending an awful lot of money on health care that doesn’t actually improve health, but our debate is still so focused on insurance…we’re kind of missing the boat in a way that prevents out ability to drive better policy,” he said.

Domenech and Howard also discussed drug trials, Medicaid, hospital consolidations, and why it’s easier to close a military base than a hospital.

Listen here: