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Hatred For Trump Ladies Revives Feminist Whinging Against The Sexiness Of Stilettos

Both Ivanka and Melania Trump like to wear tall, sexy heels. Therefore, progressives tell us, woke women must let the problematic footwear go.


Ivanka Trump is the current nemesis for the feminist left. It’s a strange fit, because she’s a successful businesswoman, politically influential, wealthy, and by all accounts a smart cookie. She even holds quite a few left-wing positions.

None of this matters, though, because her last name is Trump, and she likes to wear pretty dresses and fabulous heels, a set of fashion choices she shares with Melania, our First Lady. These seemingly innocuous fashion choices enrage the irate Left, and their hypocritical conniptions leave the rest of us feeling like it’s all pretty petty.

Yesterday Newsweek’s Nina Burleigh went off on Melania, Ivanka, and Ivana Trump for constantly wearing stilettos: “The vertiginous spike-heel shoe is not currently in fashion, but for Ivana, Ivanka, Melania and the Trump daughters-in-law, Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe of choice never went out of style,” she sniffs. “In fact, the female consorts of the Leader of the Free World do not set foot in public without first molding their arches into the supranatural curve that Mattel toy designers once devised for Barbie’s plastic feet.”

High heels, especially stilettos, have long been on the ever-expanding feminist takedown list. To the feminist left, heels are a visible symbol of the patriarchy, a way to “weaken” women and heighten their sex appeal, in order to simultaneously arouse both predatory and chivalrous instincts in men. And they might not be entirely wrong: in a 2014 study, the higher the heel a woman was wearing, the more likely men on the street were to come to her assistance in nefarious ways, like fetching dropped items and giving her directions.

Podiatrists, too, have long warned against tottering on excessive heights. There is little doubt that heels do cause many heel-wearers foot problems as they age. While this might be self-serving attempt for big podiatry to sell us more boring orthopedic shoes, it’s possible that they might have some valid concerns.

Yet against advice both medical and political, the stiletto endures.

You Can’t Deny That Stilettos Are Sexy

It’s not hard to know why, either. Simply put: stilettos are sexy. They elongate the leg and sashay the walk. They make your posterior look fantastic. Their classic arch shape dangles seductively when a woman crosses her legs. They add femininity and poise to almost any ensemble. They communicate female sexuality without succumbing to the overt trashiness of a skimpy outfit.

The stiletto’s uncomfortable downsides can also be mitigated, if not entirely eliminated. People underestimate the importance of the well-constructed shoe, and many women who have given up on wearing heels simply have never tried a pair with the kind of structural perfection achieved by the designer brands favored by the Trump ladies.

When correctly designed, even the highest of heels supports the arch and takes some weight off the ball of the foot, while many cheap knockoffs that look virtually identical on the rack are little more than quick-wearing torture devices. If you hate heels it’s entirely possible you just hate cheap heels, because a good quality shoe is both fantastic looking and extremely comfortable.

It’s All About Hating Heels In 2017

Furthermore, the kind of flats likely to be substituted for a heel occasion are hardly better for the foot. Fashionable flats, for example, can also cause a myriad of foot problems. Flats are notorious for lacking even basic support for feet, and they’re usually too floppy and thin to protect feet from the elements.

Beyond the pros and cons of stilettos, however, is the obnoxious and smarmy busybody attitude of those who claim to speak for “women” today. Agree with them at all times, right down to how your favorite footwear is “problematic,” or be labeled a victim of patriarchal Stockholm Syndrome. Loving gorgeous shoes is just a sign of internalized misogyny, because there’s no way a woke woman would be wearing stilettos. Burning bras is so 50 years ago—it’s all about hating the heels in 2017.

The pro-“choice” left likes to chant about keeping rosaries off their ovaries. So, in turn, they need to keep their feels off our heels. They can pry them from our cold, dead hands.