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Chris Stirewalt Debates The Fall Football Tailgate Menu With Mary Katharine Ham

Stirewalt and Ham cover food and beverage controversies, and discuss the latest on Trump and Gov. Jim Justice, all the Federalist Radio Hour.


Chris Stirewalt, politics editor at Fox News, joins Mary Katharine Ham on the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the quickly-approaching tailgating season and debate what food and beverages belong on the menu. They also discuss West Virginia’s Jim Justice’s party switch and Trump’s approval rating.

The great tailgate debate of 2017 addresses controversies including boiled peanuts, whether Popeyes is better than Bojangles’, and whether pimento cheese is a dip or a spread.

“If I can think of one really great cultural trend of the past twenty years is American’s embracing American cooking and really falling in love with it and being ok with it,” Stirewalt said.

Listen here: