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If Liberals Want To Have Fewer Children To Save The Planet, More Power To Them

Individuals who choose to have fewer kids should by all means proceed. Meanwhile, pro-family conservatives shall inherit the future.


Researchers have a brilliant new idea to ward off what they believe is pending catastrophe due to global warming: Have fewer kids. Also, don’t do anything fun ever again. NPR reported on the findings:

“I knew this was a sensitive topic to bring up,” says study co-author Kimberly Nicholas on NPR’s Morning Edition. “Certainly it’s not my place as a scientist to dictate choices for other people. But I do think it is my place to do the analysis and report it fairly.”

The study concludes that four high-impact ways to reduce CO2 gas emissions include having fewer children, living without a car, avoiding airplane travel and eating a vegetarian diet.

Predictably, conservatives, who are sick of being told what to do, expressed outrage at the suggestion. The same progressives comparing Republicans to the evil autocratic fictional leaders in “The Handmaid’s Tale,” a government that dictates breeding choices, are now dictating to us how many children we should have.

To progressives’ supposedly climate-saving suggestions, I say this in response: Okay, sure. But you first.

Dear Liberals: Go Ahead And Follow Your Own Advice

If progressives are so concerned about the impact their family planning choices might have on the health of the Earth, they should have fewer children. And please don’t come to the local steakhouse. Please don’t go on vacation to the Caribbean or Hawaii, which requires air travel. Please don’t live in an area where a car is necessary.

Recently, the Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby wrote a powerful essay on an encounter he had with a Greenpeace activist in his living room, who due to stress, broke down in tears in his living room. The hysteria of the Left is becoming exhausting, and we can’t turn on a television or even join a mommy Facebook group without being lectured on progressive views and ideology. Americans are becoming even more polarized post-election, and half of America has grown weary of being lectured to about race, climate change, and sexuality by the other half.

Maybe this study is the answer to that polarization. Conservatives don’t have to fear being harangued by progressives about politics at school functions and playgrounds, if they’re not having kids because of climate change. Sitting pool-side at a foreign resort, we won’t have to worry our American neighbor is about to lean over and fill us in on the latest so-called Trump outrage, because they’re not flying to go on vacation anymore.

In the checkout line at our local supermarket in the suburbs, we won’t be lectured about not buying organic or any other such nonsense, because progressives have all decided to live in cities where public transportation can replace their cars. And enjoying a nice, thick, medium-rare filet at a steakhouse will no longer run the risk of overhearing a neighboring table’s political chitchat.

Liberals Have No Interest In Bridging The Gap

After the election, many on the Left were left dumbfounded that half of America could possibly vote for Donald Trump. It was completely unexpected and inexplicable. Instead of spending this time post-election listening and learning, half of American voters have been deemed racist by liberals marching through the streets of major cities, organizing what they call “The Resistance.” What they’re resisting is still unclear, but one thing is for certain: they have no interest in bridging the gap between these two Americas.

If this is what America in 2017 is going to be like, I’m fine with progressives following the advice of these Swedish researchers. Have fewer children, stop driving, stop flying, and stop eating meat. Those choices don’t have any impact on my household, except that our paths will cross that much less frequently.

And a bonus: If progressives dead set on redefining every aspect of American culture and society really do decide not to have children, those of us who don’t stop at two children will be populating the next generation. Individuals out there who choose to have fewer kids because of some climate change researchers should by all means proceed. Meanwhile, those of us breeders shall inherit the future.