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Podcast: Campus Protests, Raising Chickens, And Enjoying Bad TV

Senior Contributor Daniel Payne dishes on his cooking, parenting, and controversial opinions on the Federalist Radio Hour.


Daniel Payne is Assistant Editor at “The College Fix” and a Senior Contributor at The Federalist. Payne discusses a range of topics with Publisher Ben Domenech, including campus protests, baking, parenting, raising chickens, and the nostalgia-fueled entertainment industry.

College students have created the strong and pervasive climate on their own campuses. “Underneath [the riots] is really a much broader, more troubling trend of free speech suppression, and ideological conformity,” Payne said.

Domenech asks Payne to explain his infamous love of “Fuller House,” “Star Wars: Episode II,” and other unpopular indulgences. “I guess you might be able to say that all the stuff I like is a little more populist,” he said. “But it really ends up for being for different reasons.”

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