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Podcast: Unpacking The Senate Healthcare Bill And Obamacare Aftermath

Avik Roy, John Daniel Davidson, and Ben Domenech discuss the future of American healthcare markets.


Last week the Senate revealed its healthcare bill and their attempt to rollback Obamacare. On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Ben Domenech talks to Avik Roy, president of Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity and an editor at Forbes, good and the bad about what this bill would achieve.

Predictions from the media and even the Congressional Budget Office have often turned out to be disingenuous. “The coverage numbers in the CBO report are often highly speculative and inaccurate for a lot of reasons. The most important reason is that the CBO believes the individual mandate has magical super powers, not only in the individual market for health insurance but in every market,” Roy said.

John Daniel Davidson, senior correspondent at The Federalist, breaks down Medicaid funding and the extent to which Obamacare expanded it. “Obamacare brought in this new class of people. Able-bodied, working age adults, and gave them preferential treatment in the Medicaid program,” Davidson said.

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