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Hadley Heath Manning On Health Policy, Medicaid Reform, And Miss USA

Senior policy analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum, Hadley Heath Manning, joins today’s episode of the Federalist Radio Hour.


Hadley Heath Manning is a senior policy analyst and director of health policy at the Independent Women’s Forum. Manning shares her insights on Medicaid, the recent healthcare debate, and common sense ways conservatives can improve their health policy messaging.

Manning explained alternatives to the current incentives for spending at the state level. “Medicaid needed reform before Obamacare. Obamacare made it worse in some sense,” Manning said. “What [the AHCA] would do is limit the Medicaid expansion that now states ‘get money for spending money’ on Medicaid.”

Ivanka Trump has brought working women and issues like paid maternity leave to the forefront of issues at the White House. “I hope that Republicans can change their reputation as being stone-cold on these issues, only concerned about cost,” Manning said.

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