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WaPo’s Aaron Blake On Bannon, Trump’s Agenda, And Helicopter Parenting


Aaron Blake, senior political reporter at The Washington Post, joins Federalist Radio Hour to explain Trump’s demotion of Steve Bannon, the Kushners’ role in the White House, and status of Trump’s foreign and domestic agendas.

“The prevailing theory is that [Trump] didn’t like the fact that Bannon was becoming too big for his britches, people talking about ‘President Bannon’ all the time,” Blake said. “I do think there was this mythology that he walked into because he was the Breitbart guy.”

Blake, an expecting father, and Domenech also discuss child rearing, helicopter parenting, and free-range children. “I’d like to think that I’m a pretty patient person, but I’ve learning that I’m not,” Blake said. “A one-year-old is a constant unsolved problem, and when you solve one problem there’s another problem.”

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