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Chris Scalia On His Father, Family, Literature, And Issues In Academia

On this episode of Federalist Radio, Christopher Scalia shares his experiences, from growing up as the son of Antonin Scalia to teaching college literature.


Christopher Scalia, the son of Justice Antonin Scalia, is a writer and former professor. He joins this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour to share stories of his father, to discuss growing issues on college campuses, and to think about literature that can help us understand the world we live in.

Scalia tells stories from his childhood and his father’s approach to family and faith. “I don’t remember him ever sitting me down and saying ‘This is what my faith means to me.’ He didn’t have to. It was obvious.”

A novel that explains our political landscape is not Orwell’s “1984”, but “Scoop” by Evelyn Waugh. “The term ‘fake news’ isn’t used, but it’s kind of throughout the novel,” Scalia said. “The reporters in this novel have an agenda to push and they will push it whatever the cost.”

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