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Would Beyoncé’s Babies Still Be Babies If She Chose Abortion?


The Internet was abuzz Wednesday when Beyoncé announced, via Instagram, she is pregnant with twins. Wearing a bra, underwear, and veil, with a garland of roses as a backdrop, the singer is shown cradling her blossoming belly. At nearly nine million, the photo has broken Instagram’s record for most likes.

As a mother of four who immensely enjoyed each of my pregnancies, I join in congratulating Beyoncé on her wonderful news. Babies are a gift. But I’ve noticed a strange dichotomy among Hollywood stars: While many are pro-choice, and showed up at the Women’s March on Washington a couple weeks ago to voice their opinion as such, others are ecstatic to announce their growing families.

Hollywood might think this is the beauty of America, that every woman has a “choice.” But it’s actually a great illustration of how the abortion industry is hypocritical and logically inconsistent.

Stars Loving Babies

Beyonce’s not the only one proudly sporting her baby bump (as well she should be). A host of gorgeous stars are due this year. From Zooey Deschanel and Kalya Rae Reid to Natalie Portman and Amanda Seyfried, dozens have posted on Instagram, Twitter, or spoken publicly about how excited they are to welcome a baby into the world soon with their partners.

While a few Hollywood stars like Patricia Heaton are openly pro-life, others seem to subconsciously resonate with a pro-life message. When singer Ciara announced on Instagram she was pregnant, she called it “one of the greatest gifts of all that God could give.” Tori Spelling is pregnant this year with her fifth child, saying she “always wanted a big family,” and when Lauren Conrad announced her pregnancy on Instagram she posted an actual photo of her ultrasound picture, showing a clear outline of a tiny baby.

Happy New Year! I have a feeling 2017 is going to be the best year yet…

A photo posted by Lauren Conrad (@laurenconrad) on

While I applaud and absolutely share in these women’s enthusiasm, it’s hard not to overlook the irony of these announcements. These men and women work in an industry that is rabidly pro-choice, not just promoting a woman’s choice in the matter, but also the myth that babies are fetuses until birth. While many people work in industries where the company’s view might conflict with their personal views, the abortion industry and especially Planned Parenthood collaborates closely with Hollywood stars, such as Amy Schumer and Amy Poehler, to promote their cause.

But that’s the point of “choice,” right?

This is not to say that every pregnant woman in Hollywood is pro-choice, but it’s a safe bet most would echo Planned Parenthood’s mantra “Her body, her choice” while cradling their burgeoning bellies. This is how most of Hollywood and liberals in general react to one star supporting abortion at the Women’s March on Washington and another beaming over her pregnant belly for all to see: Yay choice! Yay women’s rights! ‘Murica!

It’s a microcosm, really, of what the rest of the world does, but its size and glaring dichotomies make the logical fallacies that much more obvious. If Lauren Conrad shares an ultrasound picture for all the world to share in her joy of expecting a tiny baby, isn’t the baby actually not a fetus but a baby—always? Not just because she’s excited to be a mom? Or the fact that Beyoncé doesn’t hesitate to announce the joy of being pregnant with not one but two little bundles—isn’t she acknowledging, in not so many words, when life begins?

Yet Planned Parenthood gets chummy with Hollywood women like Lena Dunham—this video of her praising PP and its founder Margaret Sanger went viral recently—using the glitz and glamor of stardom as a megaphone to shout to the average American woman that unborn babies are just fetuses and abortion is just a process. Together with the rest of liberal America they perpetuate the myth among average women that it’s not a baby unless you want it to be. If you want it to be a baby, go ahead and congratulate Beyoncé. If not, join Lena, Amy, and Scarlett, and support Planned Parenthood. This is not only false advertising but unscientific.

The argument about when life begins is the anchor from which liberals hold their position about abortion. It’s the only bit of daylight between Conrad’s ultrasound and Johansson’s speech at the Women’s March on Washington praising Planned Parenthood. Either mothers are pregnant with babies or fetuses. They can’t be one or the other depending on perspective, mother, or enthusiasm.

For example, according to pop culture tabloids, Conrad and Beyoncé are likely in their second trimesters. If they lived in France, they wouldn’t be able to have a legal abortion, since there it’s limited to the first trimester (they could in England up to 24 weeks gestation, which is more than halfway through a pregnancy). If, in a few weeks, they happened to go into labor early, the babies could very well survive outside their mother’s wombs with medical intervention. Yet American women can have an abortion legally in some states until their third trimesters, well past the point a baby could survive outside mom’s womb with medical help. Barbaric, no?

The abortion industry knows this. But they can’t stop the dual narrative because deep down they know: If a woman wants to be a mom, she will rejoice in that pregnancy and call the person living inside her belly a baby.

Look West, Young Women

Hollywood’s dichotomous struggles with life aren’t going to change any sooner than our nation’s decidedly torn views on abortion (According to Gallup, the country is nearly split down the middle.) But that doesn’t mean we can’t point out the positivity about pregnancies to our friends, mothers, and daughters, who might face this choice in their lifetime.

The excited reaction to Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement shows the whole of Hollywood isn’t debased about babies, but mix that with Madonna’s speech at the Women’s March on Washington and the two events send a distinctly mixed message: You decide if your baby is a baby. You decide if your baby is wanted. You decide if you’re happy with being pregnant.

But Beyoncé didn’t decide her twins were babies any more than she decided to be born with artistic abilities. That’s a simple, obvious message anyone can grasp.

While Planned Parenthood aligns with Schumer to peddle choice and Beyoncé blows up the Internet announcing she’s having twins, liberal ideology insists we accept a contradiction: that an unborn being is a child or not, entirely depending on a woman’s circumstance. The pro-life position has always been the more consistent position, and this might be the only time I’d tell young women to look to Hollywood for proof.