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BuzzFeed Editor-In-Chief: It’s Not Racist To Only Hire People With The Right Skin Color

BuzzFeeds news editor-in-chief Ben Smith told Tucker Carlson he didn’t think excluding job applicants based on the color of their skin was racist.


BuzzFeeds news editor-in-chief Ben Smith told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night he didn’t think excluding applicants from a job based on the color of their skin was racist.

After Carlson questioned Smith at length about BuzzFeed’s decision to publish unverified claims about President Trump, he brought up BuzzFeed’s repeated history of covering only one side of an issue.

“BuzzFeed news has a pretty open political agenda masquerading as journalism,” Carlson said before asking Smith about BuzzFeed’s decision to post a job opening that sought out only journalists of color.

“You barred people from that job on the basis of the color of their skin,” Carlson said. “Now if that’s not the textbook definition of racism, then maybe you can re-educate me about what racism means.”

“I don’t think that recruiting, trying to bring out a diverse workforce, is racist,” Smith said.

“Barring people on thee basis of their skin color from a job — it’s really clear — why is that not racism?” Carlson asked. “Why is that okay with you?”

Smith repeated his earlier statement about a “diverse workforce,” to which Carlson responded: “Just give me a straight answer.”

“I do not see that as racist,” Smith said.