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Try Watching Hollywood’s Latest Trump Freakout Video Without Laughing

With Donald Trump’s inauguration just a few days away, Hollywood types have been accelerating their freakout over the president-elect.


With Donald Trump’s inauguration just a few days away, Hollywood types have been accelerating their freakout over the president-elect. Their collective panic has reached new heights in a video produced by W magazine. Its description reads: “With the inauguration fast approaching, an all-star cast of Hollywood celebrities come together to improvise the 1979 hit ‘I Will Survive.'”

“This is going to be interesting,” says actor Andrew Garfield. “It may get too real.”

Try to watch this without laughing. I dare you.

I understand that people in the movie business have a tendency to be dramatic, as that is part of their job, but this is laughably over-the-top.

It seems Tinseltown is more frustrated with their waning level of influence than with Trump’s electoral victory. Many, many, many celebrities threw their weight behind Hillary Clinton, who affirms their values, and the American electorate said “nope.” For a group of people who haven’t lost a fight in the culture wars for quite some time, that’s gotta sting.

Interestingly, some liberals aren’t quite getting the message that Americans are fed up with Hollywood elites shoving progressivism down their throats. Jeet Heer at The New Republic thinks Democrats should nominate a celebrity to run for president in 2020.

 If Hollywood is powerful enough to make people lose faith in God, family, and country, then why should it be a liability in winning elections? The whole business of Hollywood is popularity, which is also the whole business of winning elections. If celebrity endorsements are partly to blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss, why did her husband and Barack Obama win the White House with a comparably impressive set of star endorsements? And if these endorsements are so toxic, then wouldn’t celebrity candidates be even more so? But history shows that celebrity candidates can win, and it’s for the same reason that politicians like Obama and the Clintons tout celebrity endorsements: We live in a media-saturated world where fame has persuasive power.

Ha! It’s precisely that kind of reasoning that propelled Trump into the White House. The celebrity endorsement vote lost because their message and values do not resonate with the American electorate, but don’t bother telling liberals and media elites that because they won’t listen anyway.