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Why Obama’s Betrayal Of Israel Hurts Americans

By participating in the UN Resolution 2334, despite ties to Israel, the U.S. signaled that it is an unreliable ally. Who will trust us now?


Who’s the biggest loser in the Obama administration’s abstention and behind the scenes participation in UN Resolution 2334 ? It’s not Israel, contrary to common perception. The Israelis will develop a siege mentality, batten down the hatches, and realize that the Obama administration has condemned them either to suicide, or to becoming a modern-day Sparta. History already shows us what choice they will make.

The biggest loser is America. If you work behind the scenes to injure your purportedly closest ally in the Middle East, what will you do to countries with which you are not close? Who will trust America after this fiasco?

The Egyptians watched America abandon Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in a single night, despite keeping an American-negotiated peace for decades. And when the Egyptian people revolted against the tyranny of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Obama administration decided that democracy really meant one person, one vote, and one time for one tyranny.

It was only the steadfastness of the Egyptian military that kept Obama’s Muslim-Brotherhood fantasy from becoming a political reality.

If This Is How We Treat Our Friends…

Then there was Libya. America persuaded Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi to give up his dream of nuclear weapons and join the community of nations. But the Obama administration—along with the French—used growing unrest in the Arab world as a means to get rid of Gaddafi, despite collapsing Libya as a state and opening it up to African immigrants looking to enter Europe through Italy.

Rather than fostering peace in the Middle East, the administration created a pathway to a nuclear Iran that will touch off an unprecedented nuclear arms race to counter Iranian nuclear power.

Iran’s intercontinental ballistic missiles are not necessary to hit Tel Aviv, but to cross the Atlantic and hit the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Obama’s National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, who orchestrated the deceptive characterizations of the Iran agreement, now provides assurances that Israel, not the administration, was responsible for the U.S. abstention.

In Iraq, the Obama administration held strictly to the status of forces agreement and its timetable for U.S. withdrawal, only to turn around and reinsert American forces as ISIS filled the military vacuum.

So aside from fundamentalist Muslim insurgents, who has benefited from these inconsistent and contradictory policies?  Russia, of course.

Russia Benefits From Our Blunders

Unlike Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been steadfast in his Middle East commitments. He supports the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and Iran’s quest for a Shia crescent from the Tigris-Euphrates River Valley to the Mediterranean. As the Obama administration turns its rancor toward Israel, Putin bombs indiscriminately to keep Assad in power and to stop the Sunni uprising. There will be no UN resolution passed against Russia as Aleppo is pounded into oblivion.

The greatest domestic beneficiary of Obama’s policies toward Israel has been the far left wing of the Democratic Party. The progressive caucus was strengthened by the new anti-Israel normal that has overtaken the party. Getting a pro-Israel plank in the Democratic platform at the convention was like pulling teeth. But that is where the benefits end.

America is overwhelmingly supportive of the Jewish state. After their Election Day debacle, Democrats don’t need another strike against them. Yet thanks to the President Obama, 2017 begins with Democrats behind in the count and America viewed as an unreliable player.