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Amber Smith Shares Her Journey As A Combat Helicopter Pilot In The Middle East

Amber Smith joined Federalist Radio to talk Veterans’ Affairs, the future of the military, and her new book “Danger Close.”


Amber Smith joined Federalist Radio to share stories from her time as a combat helicopter pilot in Iraq and Afghanistan, and discuss her new book “Danger Close.” Smith also spoke to concerns of veterans, national security, and the future of the military under the new administration.

Smith described the experience and the intensity of flying a Kiowa Warrior helicopter. “I had no idea what to expect. I went in sort of blind, my bubble existed in the aircraft,” she said. “I think the hardest part of being a Kiowa pilot is learning to multitask up on a level that you’ve never experienced before.”

Many veterans struggle with the transition back into civilian life and feeling lost as to how to use the skills they honed in the military. “War is not normal… in our society going to war is not a normal thing,” Smith said. “So what you experienced isn’t normal and that’s OK… War sucks, but you came home and you have a life and you get to choose what you make of it.”

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