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5 Autumn Items Every Woman’s Wardrobe Needs


Wherever you are in the country, that crisp morning air is enough to inspire you to get out and purchase some last-minute additions to complete your fall wardrobe. Although some of these “must-haves” made their fashion debut over the last couple of years, it’s officially time to embrace these fashion additions, as they are here to stay.

1. Winter Booties

Winter booties have gained more popularity over the last couple of years. If you have yet to get some of these in your closet, now is the time. Why, you ask? First, they are becoming so much more versatile than just pairing with jeans. Yes, with jeans is a great way to wear them, but have you tried wearing them with a dress?

Some may argue that the boot stopping short above or below your ankle may take away from heels’ helper habit of lengthening one’s leg. True, but adding these boots to a dress or cute skirt in place of a standard pump adds some casualness to your overall look and versatility to your styling options.

It also allows one to wear heavier tights, which is often hard to pull off with a high-heel shoe in colder temperatures. Some boots I have been particularly keeping my eye on include this Western-inspired shoe from Nine West.


Another, and a bit more classic, option is this brown leather ankle boot from ALDO.


2. Blanket Scarf

These scarfs are called blankets for a reason. If you get cold easily, like I do, having one of these on hand is essential. Now, I may have indulged in acquiring a couple of these for my closet. I’ve also realized that, due to the size, it’s a challenge to style these traditionally, such as wrapped around your neck.

In attempting this, I found the tails don’t always lay as long down past my neck as I would like. It makes for a lot of bulky material up around my face. As it gets colder and I find myself waiting for the bus, rushing to my car, or standing on a cold Metro platform, this may be a necessity. But, for general warmth and fashion, I’ve yet to find a blanket scarf long enough for me to don this look.

So I have learned to best wear this one of two ways. The first: simply draped over my neck, with the tails falling past my waist. Or, two: wrapped around my shoulders, almost like a poncho, tying one small knot from the two ends of the scarf tails together. It’s so simplistic, but you’ll be surprised how this small addition gives your wardrobe a big impact.

Many retailers have this accessory on hand. Nordstrom carries this blanket scarf by Sole Society.


Also, check out Bourbon and Boots’ generous selection as well.


3. The Military Vest

If you like to layer but don’t necessarily need the warmth from a puffer vest, the military vest is a fantastic alternative. This vest, which comes in an array of styles as sold at Polyvore, can be worn multiple ways. You can keep this casual, pairing it with jeans, a white T-shirt, and those new booties. Throw it over a simple black dress with a statement necklace, or pair it with a maxi skirt and long-sleeved shirt.


4. Plaid Button-Up Shirt

This seems like a closet staple, so if you have yet to get one of these in your grasp, now is the time. I have seen these in many stores and online. But the design element that makes this piece so desirable is that the shirts are becoming more form-fitting and hitting below the bum. When it’s cold, I like to have a shirt that covers my rear end.

The length of these shirts also increases your style options. You can wear with jeans and a puffer vest, or with cute leggings and riding boots. It’s a perfect ensemble for the trip to the pumpkin patch, hayrides, and other fall activities. Oh, and did I mention football games? I have two of these shirts, and purchased both in colors that complement my alma mater. On game day, I like to layer, so I wear my team T-shirt as my base, then layer with the plaid button-up over top, which is super-cute and equally stylish. One store that currently has a variety of button-up options is J. Crew.


5. Camel-Colored Suede Tote

A brown-hued tote bag is a must-have for fall. This is a fashion staple that will never tire, so it’s good to invest now so you own it at the approach of each fall season. When transitioning from summer’s light beige bags, a camel-colored suede tote is the way to go.

One challenge in trying to acquire these bags is the cost. If you’ve had this same challenge, here are some great affordable options that you can easily snag. First, have you seen Francesca’s fabulous selection of accessories? They have an array of great options, including some price-conscious handbags. I actually just recently purchased this gem, and it has definitely met my needs: the Suede Tote Handbag.


Inviting any of these items into your fall wardrobe will give you that much-desired fall flair. Additionally, these items can create an entire outfit or be worn interchangeably with the rest of your existing closet. Investing in these fall basics now gives you a great jump-start on preparing yourself for the winter blast, which is just waiting around the corner. But for now: Happy fall!