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Radio: Clinton’s Health, Trump’s Alt-Right Support, And Election Unpredictables


Robert Tracinski and Byron York join Federalist Radio Hour to recap this weekend’s election news.


Robert Tracinski, senior writer at The Federalist, and Byron York, chief political correspondent at the Washington Examiner, discussed the weekend news surrounding Hillary Clinton’s health, Donald Trump’s “deplorable” supporters, and the media’s conflicting coverage of both campaigns.

The media and the Clinton campaign have created a fog that actually raises more questions about why Hillary Clinton cannot be upfront about her health, Domenech said. “The problem for the Clinton operation is now they have burned through a significant amount of trust with the people who like her the most and that’s members of the media, who have been her defenders in the public square.”

More than once, the Trump campaign has shared content and memes generated by the alt-right on social media. “This is a gaf-free election. Nobody can commit a gaf because there’s nothing that’s bad enough to actually impact the race,” Tracinski said. “Everybody is doing so many bad things that nothing stands out enough.”

Byron York said he expects the upcoming debate between Clinton and Trump to offer surprises and that the “Commander in Chief” forum didn’t offer much of a preview. “You have to weigh the obvious unpredictability of this race… against some of the solid, immutable factors we know,” York said.

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