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Everyone Is Mad About The iPhone 7 AirPods


Apple announced on Wednesday afternoon that the new iPhone 7 won’t have a headphone jack anymore, and people are super pissed about it.


Apple announced on Wednesday afternoon that the new iPhone 7 won’t have a headphone jack anymore. The company will instead roll out a pair of wireless headphones called AirPods with the battery life that might reach a whopping five hours. They’re also $159. Yes, these wireless headphones that you don’t want because they are tiny and you will probably lose immediately are $159 to replace. Apple announced that it would also provide a special adapter to allow consumers to still use their 3.5mm headphones, but it doesn’t appear that the special adapter can be used while the new iPhone 7 is charging.

The only logical explanation for the AirPods announcement is that Apple hates its customers and wants iPhone users to be continually vexed by what’s clearly a terrible and expensive idea.

Not surprisingly, people are pissed about the AirPods and Apple’s unjustified execution of the headphone jack.

Headphones are like pens — you have to stash a million of them everywhere so they’re always on hand whenever you need them. I keep a pair in my purse, near my bed, in my desk, another downstairs by the TV — just in case! Like most people I know, I’m constantly losing them, but that’s fine because a decent pair is literally $12, so replacing them is no big deal.

Losing headphones is one thing, but the prospect of losing and replacing an unnecessary $159 product is making everyone angry.

For all of you cheapos who don’t want to fork over a huge chunk of change for this horribly inconvenient “upgrade” (I include myself in this category), there will be an adapter available to purchase for $9 that will let you use your old headphones. This is also another tiny item you will probably repeatedly lose and need to replace on the regular.

They also look stupid.

In the future, whenever you want to listen to music in the car, instead of being able to use an auxiliary cable, you will have to use BlueTooth, which takes forever to connect with a car and doesn’t always work.

Let’s be real for a second: NO ONE WANTS TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH ANOTHER DEVICE TO CHARGE. Most of us can barely keep our phones charged long enough to make it throughout the day — let alone have to deal with yet another device to keep juiced up.

The only solace is that at least poor Harambe didn’t have to live to see Apple’s newest AirPods abomination.