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Trump Revealed: Washington Post Reporters Dig Into Trump’s Past

Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher dive into 398 documents, transcripts, interviews, court filings and more on Donald Trump.


Two Washington Post reporters, Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher, collaborated with more than a dozen other Post writers, editors, and fact-checkers to write an investigative biography of Donald Trump. Kranish and Fisher joined The Federalist Radio to share the stories they uncovered in “Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power.”

Trump has had decades to create and to manipulate his public image. “What we tried to do is push past that and look at everything, maybe some of the things he didn’t want everyone to know or didn’t want to be a part of his public image,” Fisher said. “Over the course of the book you get a sense of Donald Trump as a much more complicated man than he likes to let on.”

How much is Donald Trump worth? Does he have friends? Does he know how government works? These are just a few of the questions “Trump Revealed” tries to answer. “Trump has certainly found a way through the mass market, through his name, in an aspirational sort of way,” Kranish said. “[People] admire that he’s a tough person. They most likely don’t know all the details.”

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