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Swimming, Sexism, And Other Olympic Stories From Week One In Rio

Christine Brennan and Kelsey Harkness joined Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the major stories coming out of the 2016 summer Olympics.


Mary Katharine Ham discussed breaking news on the Clinton Foundation and recapped the major news stories from the Olympics this week with Christine Brennan, USA Today Sports columnist who is in Rio, and Kelsey Harkness, senior reporter at The Daily Signal.

NBC has been criticized on their Olympic coverage and the volume of dramatic athlete profile packages they are airing in place of showing the full competitions. “The entire US team is so great, and by smashing the entire gymnastics competition into some highly manufactured TV package, you’re really missing the big picture of how diverse this sport is, and what the different gymnasts from different countries look like,” Harkness said.

Christine Brennan shared some of the best events and athletes that she has been able to watch this week in Rio, starting with Katie Ledecky’s gold medal finish in the women’s 200-meter freestyle swim. “This is the most incredible thing I’ve witnessed so far and will be one of my greatest memories of any Olympics,” she said. “Ledecky basically straps on a motor and somehow finds another gear in those last 15 meters.”

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