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Defining Equal Opportunity And Discrimination With David Azerrad

David Azerrad talks political philosophy, equality of opportunity, and conservatism on Federalist Radio Hour.


David Azerrad joined Ben Domenech in studio to talk political philosophy, equality of opportunity, and libertarianism vs. conservatism. Azerrad is the Director of the B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics and AWC Family Foundation Fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

Azerrad explained the specific perceptions applied to the broad term of equal opportunity. “I think in American today, when we think of equality, we think of equality of opportunity,” Azerrad said. “The term seems to mean different things to different people, and I think part of the reason we like the term is because it’s so flexible and so plastic.”

They discussed the differences between liberalism, libertarianism and conservatism. “I think conservatism is the best political philosophy when it comes to sustaining the regime,” he said. “To transmitting the blessings of liberty to next to posterity and that means ensuring that there is a posterity.”

Later in the hour, they review Yuval Levin’s new book, A Fractured Republic, and the desire for nostalgia. “Rather than worrying about nonsense like rising inequality or romanticizing the past, our efforts should be devoted to figuring out how to make sense of this strange brave new world we live in,” Azerrad said.

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