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Free Trade Myths, Trade Protectionism, and ‘Pokémon Go’ Free Markets

Today on Federalist Radio, trade attorney Scott Lincicome out the truth and the myths around free trade.


Scott Lincicome, trade attorney and Cato Institute Adjunct, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to add to the ongoing conversation of free trade, the circulating myths and backlash against trade, and the free market aspects of “Pokémon Go.”

“The actual polling on trade in terms of support or opposition is always right around 50 percent… so it’s an issue that is ripe for the political taking,” Lincicome said.

Free traders deserve a lot of the blame for where we are now Lincicome said. “Their message revolves around mercantilist arguments,” he said. “Not only are they economically ignorant, they play right into the primary, fundament arguments of the protectionist side.”

The recently popular mobile game “Pokémon Go” has not only gotten players outside and walking around their neighborhoods, it’s even acting as a revenue source for local businesses. “Here you have a great example of a free app made by a giant corporation… and it is actually stimulating economic activity even at the local level,” Lincicome said.

Listen now: