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Women In Media, Fat Shaming, And The Downfall Of Breitbart News

Lisa De Pasquale joins Federalist Radio to discuss the failures of the body positivity movement and other women’s issues.


Lisa De Pasquale, columnist and founder of, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to talk about women in media, fat-shaming, and what 2016 would look like if Andrew Breitbart were still alive.

The biggest challenge of being a right-of-center woman in journalism and media is addressing both politics and pop culture. “All of us on the right are interested in movies and music and culture and not just politics,” De Pasquale said. “I think that pop culture and entertainment is a good way to bridge the gap and take our ideas, or education people who aren’t political, and do it through a means that’s not just hitting them over the head.”

De Pasquale writes about the left’s fat-shaming movement and how feminists have made body-positivity strictly about their appearance. “So much of their attention is on this one aspect of themselves– they’re still bringing it back to their looks,” she said. “Why not just be a great writer? If I were a feminist, probably and old school feminist, I would be like, ‘Why are you still talking about your bodies?'”

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