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Sean Trende On Groupthink, Polling, And Election Historical Precedence

Can past presidential elections tell Americans anything about the future of our two-party system?


Sean Trende, senior elections analyst at Real Clear Politics, joined the Federalist Radio Hour in discussing the groupthink of Twitter pundits, the potential evolution of the Republican Party, and the lack of historical analogues for Americans to compare this election to.

With each passing month it becomes increasingly difficult to filter out the news from the noise coming from both cable news and social media. “We’re all in an echo chamber,” Trende said. “In the past I’ve relied upon having a balanced Twitter feed to figure out what’s true and what’s not and they just doesn’t exist anymore.”

Many Republicans fear their party is going to enter an extended period of time in the wilderness. “I don’t think history supports this idea of a long-standing permanent majority,” Trende. “There’s a good chance that what going on is a portion of the Tea Party’s frustration directed at senators and congressmen was being directly at the presidential race.”

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