‘The Bachelorette’, ’90s Series Reboots, and Upcoming Fall TV Trends

‘The Bachelorette’, ’90s Series Reboots, and Upcoming Fall TV Trends

Emily Yahr, pop culture and entertainment reporter at the Washington Post, joined Mary Katharine Ham, senior writer at the Federalist, to break down this season of reality and prime time television. They recap the season premiere of “The Bachelorette”, the many Netflix ’90s reboots, and the season finales of “The Good Wife”, “Nashville”, and “Dancing with the Stars”.

Despite it’s ridiculousness, even intelligent, independent, strong women religiously watch dumb TV like “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” “It is outstanding to me so many people that I admire and love their writing– you wouldn’t think they would be the target audience,” Yahr said. “People love a love story…even if you know it’s all fake and manipulated.”

There are a number of emerging themes in this coming fall’s lineup of major network television shows from time travel to family comedy sitcoms. “Usually, it is once the networks see something is working and makes money they will just follow over themselves to make a copy of it,” Yahr said. “That’s why you have 18 reality TV shows about storage lockers.”

Later in the hour, Ham and Yahr discussed expectations for Netflix’s reboot of “Gilmore Girls” and why award shows have become so long and exhausting.

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