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Donald Trump’s Relationship With Money, Reporters, and Comedians

The Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein joined the Federalist Radio hour to talk 2016 and more.


Jamie Weinstein, senior editor at the Daily Caller, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to talk about the media’s coverage of Donald Trump, the relationship Trump has with wealth and the actual amount of his worth, and the potential for a third-party candidate.

When it comes to reporters asking Trump difficult questions, he knows how to play the refs. “He makes it so difficult when you ask a question. He’ll go on Twitter and attack the questioner. He’ll pretend that you asked the most difficult question in the world that you almost don’t want to ask a tough question,” Weinstein said.

One of Trump’s most sensitive areas of self-consciousness is his money, perhaps because he fudges how much he actually has. “We know he has a history of lying about his net worth. If I had a to take a guess, I would guess maybe under what Forbes and Bloomberg say,” he said.

Later in the hour, Weinstein and Domenech talked through the logistics of VP candidates and potential third-party candidates. “If you at the numbers at the polls, there a lot of people yearning for someone else to get in the race,” Weinstein said. “We have a choice right now between malaria and ebola. I think Hillary is malaria. I think Trump is ebola.”

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