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Rebecca Berg: Trump Flip Flops On Abortion And Begins Delegate Hunting

What does Trump’s meeting with Renice say about his strategy going into a contested convention?


Rebecca Berg, national politics reporter for Real Clear Politics, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to talk about Trump’s abortion flip flops, why Paul Ryan shouldn’t seek a nomination and the comic book background behind Batman v. Superman.

Because there are fewer candidates and the race tightens, people are starting to pay attention to what Trump actually says about his positions and policies. In the last week he has had 5 different positions on abortion.  “Finally I think we are getting to a point where the sum of all of his remarks that he has made, that a presidential candidate would never really make, are really bearing fruit for him,” Berg said.

Trump is addressing his delegate hunt by meeting with people in DC including Renice Priebus and the RNC and hiring Paul Manafort. “It was surprising to many people but here is an experienced hand who actually might be showing us that Donald Trump is starting to take the rules part of this process a little more seriously,” Berg said.

Later in the hour, Ben Domenech, publisher of the Federalist, explains how the Batman v. Superman movie deviated from the original comic story line. “If the movie was going to be titled correctly, it would be “Batman executes Superman” because basically he’s able to beat him almost immediately,” Domenech said.

Listen now: